Verizon Iphone Not Activating


Are you worried about your verizon iphone not activating? Hopefully, you will get enough confusion from the available sources on the Internet. There are many requests available for a verified and accurate process of activation. This brand is growing fast and spreads its names all over the land. Many people are looking forward to it for its outstanding service and durable solutions.

This company offers many types of services and other protection for your system. Be with us to learn all the detailed facts about them. We will reveal all services, benefits, positive and negative points of the company, the activation process, and the further procedure when the service is not activating.

What is Verizon? 

The name of Verizon is spreading like fire. This company is one of the largest technology communication service companies. They have many kinds of services to help people. They are offering jobs to many people. This company is building a reputed image in front of their customers and clients. Here we present a brief list of services of this company.


A detailed service is available on their website: 

  • Mobile plans.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Home services.
  • Small and medium businesses.
  • Enterprise solutions.
  • Verizon connection.
  • Public sector services.
  • Partner solutions.

Our main topic is focusing on mobile and devices. We are here to find out the needful facts about the reason behind the verizon iphone not activating.

Specifications of Verizon: 

  • Contact number: No accurate information is visible on their website 
  • Contact address: No location or address was mentioned regarding this matter.
  • Email address:
  • Category: Technology communication service.
  • Way to contact them: You have to visit their contact portal and follow the process to let them know about your problem.

What are the procedures of Verizon iPhone activation?

Before we discuss the activation process, there are specific facts to keep you in mind and maintain all rules properly for a successful procedure or your verizon iphone not activating. 

  • If you plan to activate over Wi-Fi, an active and smooth Wi-Fi network must be available in your network coverage area.
  • If you are starting via the Cellular network, the device must be in a Verizon wireless LTE area.
  • You can also activate your new iPhone on a different mobile number on your account; refer to Activate or Switch devices.
  • The device has adequately charged. You must be careful about the percentage of charge.

The main process of activation: 

  1. You need to use your previous iPhone and find your iPhone is disabled, then power it off. If you don’t have an earlier iPhone, proceed to step 2.
  2. Now, press and hold the Power button (top-right edge) to power the new iPhone on. If activating a 5G iPhone purchased from Verizon, a pre-installed 5G SIM card is included. Please don’t remove this SIM card as it may prevent your device from being correctly provisioned for Verizon’s 5G network.
  3. From the Activation screen, confirm your phone number, then tap Next. If confirmation fails, see this Apple support info.
  4. Enter the account PIN or the last four digits of the account owner’s Social Security Number (SSN), then tap Next.
  5. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to choose a language, then tap the country or region. If you have a device with a Home button, press the Home button to open it.
  6. Tap Set Up manually, and you have a previous device on iOS 11 or later, follow the directions to use QuickStart.
  7. Tap the Wi-Fi network, enter the Wi-Fi password, then tap Join.
  8. Select your Wi-Fi network, then tap Next.
  9. From the Data & Privacy screen, tap Continue.
  10. When prompted to set up Face ID or Touch ID, tap Continue, then follow the on-screen prompts.
  11. Create a passcode, then re-enter the passcode to confirm.
  12.  Tap a setup option, and restoring your backup can take up to 30 minutes to complete.
  13. Enter your Apple ID and password, then tap Next.
  14. If you forget a password or Apple ID, create a Free Apple ID.
  15. Set Up Later in Settings.
  16. If prompted, review Terms and Conditions, then tap Agree.
  17. From the Express Settings screen, tap ‘Continue’ or ‘Customize Settings.’
  18. From the Keep Your iPhone Up to Date, tap Continue.
  19. From the iMessage&Facetime screen, tap ‘Continue’ or ‘Not Now.’
  20. From the Siri screen, tap ‘Continue’ or ‘Set up Later in Settings.’
  21. On the Screen Time screen, tap ‘Continue’ or ‘Set Up Later in Settings.
  22. In the App Analytics screen, tap ‘Share with App Developers’ or ‘Don’t Share.’
  23. On the True Tone Display screen, tap Continue.
  24. On the Appearance screen, select Light or Dark, then tap Continue.
  25.   From the Display Zoom screen, select Standard or Zoomed, then tap Continue.
  26.   Swipe up, or tap Get Started to complete the setup.
  27.  Confirm the status bar at the top of the screen changes from ‘No Service’ to ‘Verizon.

You have to maintain these long steps to activate the device successfully.

What is the procedure if the verizon iphone is not activating? 


Firstly, you have to ensure some crucial facts. We reveal all these things in a lost below-

Some crucial facts: 

  • Make sure the SIM card has adequately installed in your phone. 
  • If you’re Switching from an iPhone, you must turn off the iMessage Before Activating Your New Non-iOS Phone. If you’re not sure how to do this, look at any documentation that came with the phone or contact Verizon or Apple.

What is the process of the force start?

There is a hidden way-out if your verizon iphone not activating.Go through this segment carefully to find the answer to it.

  • Firstly, dial *228, then press the SEND button. 
  • For Home Phone Connect, dial *228 only.
  • When prompted, press 1 to begin programming. 
  • Press 2 to update the PRL only.
  • Wait for up to 2 minutes while the network links the service with the phone.

Is this company legit? 


According to our research, we found a bunch of positive points about the legitimacy of Verizon. We also conduct in-depth research on their legitimacy simultaneously with their activation process.

  • They granted both security-related certificates. Your personal information is entirely safe with them.
  • Their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter is quite impressive. Thousands of people are following them.
  • Most positive responses are available about them on social media and the Internet.

We give it an 80% trust score and mark it a legit company.

Customer responses about Verizon?

Ron said, 

“Their customer care is really helpful and guides me throughout the process of activation.”


Melany said,

 “I almost tried all of their services, and they never disappoint me with their service and support.”


We described all details and underlying facts related to the verizon iphone not activating. Expectedly, you find all your answers, and a clear picture is visible in your mind.

You can freely leave your thoughts in the comment section and let us know about your views.

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