Wear Felicity Reviews by 20+ Customers, [NOV-2022]


As per most of the Wear Felicity reviews, customers complained about not getting the delivery, but few buyers received broken items. We have also covered complete statements from buyers; read below.

People are very much emotionally attached to their pets. Wear Felicity has understood this emotional bond quite well and used it commercially. It has helped people connect with their animals in a unique and fancy way.

What is Wear Felicity?


Wear Felicity is a company that designs jewelry. It specializes in creating animal-themed jewelry. In 2015, it started to design accessories with pictures or structures of pets. Its products received enormous positive reviews from its customers, which has inspired it to widen its field of themed work. It also works on making personalized accessories.

It offers a wide range of jewelry; the best part is that you can customize them according to your wishes and needs. Before moving forward with Wear Felicity reviews, let us discuss its specifications and other important things.


  • Contact details: PO Box 58660462, Orland Park, United States
  • Product range:RingsBraceletsNecklacesKey-chains
  • Price Range: The lowest price is $39.95 and goes up to $70.
  • Shipping Details: According to its site, non-customized items get shipped within 24 hours of buying. In comparison, you can expect the delivery of customized items within 25 days.
  • Return Policies: It takes no returns for customized items, but the non-custom items can be returned within 30 days after the delivery. The items are unused with original tags and packaging. Return for items whose order was placed outside the United States would be charged.


  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Provides warranty on all products of 30 days.
  • Social media handles are regularly updated.


  • According to Wear Felicity’s reviews, delivering takes a lot of time.
  • Overpriced.

Can the website be termed legit?

The company started its career with a great concept that helped attract customers. But due to its ill customer services and low-quality products, it has come under the suspicion of people that eventually questions its legitimacy.


Although it has been certified by SSL, Wear Felicity reviews shows the other side of the coin. It doesn’t provide customers with early and satisfactory responses. People have also experienced the loss of money as there was no refund for returned items. It also does not abide by its policy of 30 days warranty.

Its website is poorly designed and is not updated also. What also makes people back out from buying items on this website is that it has been launched recently, and there are few reliable sources.


According to Wear Felicity reviews, we have come to the point that the website is not trustworthy. The website is also accused of misusing sites like Trustpilot and commenting on fake positive reviews.

Ordering from this site can lead to a loss of money if you do not find the item friendly. If you want to order from the website, we suggest you do some research from your end too, and then decide whether to order from Wear Felicity. You can try other trustworthy jewelry sites also.

What is the Wear Felicity reviews by the customers?

The website has received 1.5 on Trustpilot. The reviews for the site and its products are primarily negative. Customers are troubled by its disappointing services and quality of products.


Many people have experienced delayed deliveries. The orders were delivered after 6-7 weeks, which is more than a month. Some people never received their order, and the order status was delivered. People have received broken items too and were refused refunds when asked. A few customers got the wrong items, and they faced refusal when they asked to fix the order. 

Also, the warranty period does not count as they update the order status with early deliveries. People who have ordered from here do not suggest others to buy from this website. They opine that they provide you with the worst services and products.


Till now, you might have got a clear idea about the website. Hope we were able to help you with whatever you were looking for. Share your thoughts on and experiences with Wear Felicity in the comments below. 

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