What Gender Is Mort


In contemporary times, our whole generation is going mad over-animated series. We are becoming addicted to animation now. Madagascar is one of the worldwide well-accepted movies. This movie is a great kind of relaxing one, giving us a bit of relief from our poignant daily life.

This movie is really famous all over the United States. Though it is one of the most popular ones all over the globe. Every audience from different age groups warm-heartedly accepted this animated movie.

An important feature of Madagascar movie :

  • The whole plot was constructed in a central Zoo.
  • Four characters are the main protagonists of this animated movie.
  • The main story is based on Africa.
  • The plot is constructed with the struggle to find a way to New York City to help other animals.

Who is Mort?


He is one of the important protagonists in All Hail King Julien with Mortdecai, who is also known as Mort. He is such a cute and innocent mouse, Mort is 50 years old.

He was fixated on King Julien’s feet. Mort is a tiny mouse lemur in the film Madagascar. Julian, on the other hand, is King of the Lemurs in the television series All Hail   King Julien. He is ruthless and has complete control over Mort, giving him all orders. But the question here is about Mort’s gender: What Gender Is Mort? Mort is a minor character, and the reason for this is easy to spot identifying his tiny legs. In The movie he always stays with Penguin. He landed a spot on the zoo brochure cover. King Julian despises the Mort. He was always irritated by Mort.

Mort’s personality:

When it comes to his personality, his cuteness and adorable behaviour is remarkable. He is one of the popular characters who lived in the zoo. The zoo visitors are going mad over Mort’s cuteness and start buying Mort’s goodies from the zoo which is beneficial for the zoo. But here also, the audiences are entangled in the question: what gender is Mort?


Basically, he is an unfortunate character in the movie. He carried a negative personality in the zoo. So, most of the other animals avoid Mort or are unaware about Mort’s existence. Mort is a very lonely and sad creature in this animation because other animals didn’t show any interest. Mort always seeks a companion. But mort was always avoided by others dishearten way.

Negative activities of Mort:

There are many negative activities done by Mort in the entire series of Madagascar. All activities are mentioned below;

  • He is an anthropophagus.
  • The crabby patty secret formula is stolen by Mort.
  • Talking in a dumb manner with the King.
  • God’s power was stolen by Mort.
  • Mort was destroyed by firebombing an orphanage.
  • He takes a step to make Dinosaurs disappear.

What gender is Mort?


As we mentioned in the above portion, Mort is a cute, little, adorable creature with a big head. The colour of his head is brown. He has two sparkling and attractive yellow eyes. He was obsessed with the King’s foot and constantly annoy him with various kinds of idiotic conversations.

After a deep research, we couldn’t find any trace of Mort’s specific gender. There is no specific gender mentioning for Mort. We consider Mort as a gender-god. No specific gender can define Mort more appropriately. Basically, he is a kind of lemur’s mouse species.

Various different opinions about Mort’s gender:

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of clashes of opinion about Mort’s gender. Many websites claimed Mort as a male character. And other websites are considering Mort as a gender god. So, it is really confusing to take one theory and present it. Though we also didn’t find any legit facts about Mort’s masculinity. So, now it’s on you what you believe and what you will not.



So, this article covers all points of the Madagascar movie and Mort. Hopefully, you sketch a clear picture about this movie and Mort. Now the decision is on you what you should admit or what should not. We consider Mort as a gender-god. Mort is going above any specific gender as far as our opinion.

Hopefully, you learn a lot of information about Mort. And solve your queries about: what gender is Mort? You can write to us about your views and opinions in the comment section. Happy reading.

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