What Happened When George Put Butter on The Chair


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It is a story mainly taught to the students across the countries, including the United States, India, Australia, Canada, etc. Do you excited to know about this story. Today, we will resolve this question in detail so that you won’t get confused and your doubts will be cleared quickly

Main character in the story:

GeorgeFriend of narrator
HarrisAnother friend of narrator

Let’s check out the story detail in brief:

It is a funny and horrible story. It involves three friends and a dog, as we have mentioned above.


The writer of the story Jerome k Jerome. The whole story revolves around Jerome, George, Harris, and the dog. They planned together to go on a trip. So they decided to pack their bags. 

The narrator considers himself the best packer. So he decided to pack the things according to him. He ignores his friends because he thinks that they don’t know anything about packaging.

George and Harris created so much drama in the story. When the narrator is packing the items, George smoked a pipe, whereas Harris puts his legs on the table. 

They are enjoying their free time as they no need to worry about the packaging items. On the other hand, Jerome packed everything for the trip.


 When he packed all the essential items for the trip, his friends released that they forgot some things like shoes, a toothbrush, and many more. 

Their friends created so much disturbance in packaging. When the packaging got disturbed, his friends tried. George and harris attempted to pack the things to finish the packaging earlier and wake up early in the morning for the trip.

Do you want to know the reason behind what happened when George put butter on the chair?

Now it’s the turn to pack the butter for the trip. But you know what had happened? Unfortunately, George got slipped. It was a bad incident in the story.

He got stuck with the butter on his foot. So he searched for the other idea. He tried to put the butter in the kettle. But unfortunately, what happened? To know this, keep continuing to read the article.


Butter doesn’t reach the kettle. So he decided to scrap off the butter. He finally decided to put the butter on the chair.

After that, Harris come and what he did? He sat on the same butter chair, and do you know what happened? It is a funny incident you will laugh at a lot.

The butter got stuck behind on him. After these activities had happened, they all searched for the butter in the room here and there they got tired, suddenly George found the butter on the Harris.

Do you know what happened at the end of the story?

Again funny incidents did when all the things got packed. The dog, whose name is Montmorency, created so much disturbance in the story. The dog ruined the jam, and they jumped on the hamper. 


After destroying jams, the dog trying to play with the lemons. They finally completed the packaging at 12:50, but they want to pack it earlier so that they can wake up early in the morning.

We hope you got all the information related to what happened when George put butter on the chair.


It is considered a hilarious story across the world, including the united states, and it can also be related to real-life events. The whole story revolves around packaging. 

There are so many incidents in the story that makes you laugh, like discovering the toothbrush inside the boot, packing so many weight items on light-weighted items, Harris sit on the butter. Moreover, the dog has created so many incidents in the story which make you laugh.

We hope that your query will be resolved and you get your answer with this article about what happened when George put butter on the chair.

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