When Did Phil Collins Die


Are you someone who heard of Phil Collins die a few years ago? When Did Phil Collins die? But few others are still saying that he is alive. Which one is correct? We are here to tell you the truth. Keep reading till the end so that you can have honest information in your brain.

But how can this happen? How can someone create fake news in the United States about someone’s death without actually knowing the truth? There might be a strong reason behind this right. We have researched well on this issue, and you will get to know answers to those questions in the next few minutes. So let us get started.

Who is Phil Collins?


If you are someone from the United States having a good zeal for Music, then the chances are significantly less than you might know about Phil Collins. As we all know, he is someone having a magical voice that can sing and magical hands that can make a relaxing sound that soothes our souls. 

It might sound exaggerated if we say that the songs he writes are the truths of life that can touch your heart, but it is true. Here are the unknown personal details about him; after this, we will answer your question When Did Phil Collins die? Please Continue reading.

Bio’s of Phil Collins

His birth30th January 1951
His full namePhilip David Charles Collin
Born atChiswick, Middlesex, United States.
His OccupationsMusician, singer, actor, songwriter, and record producer
Spouse(s)He has married thrice in his life out of which all the three marriages are divorced. Andrea Bertorelli (married in 1975 and divorced in 1980)Jill Tavelman (married in 1984 and divorced in 1996)Orianne Cieve (married in 1999 and divorced in 2006)
ChildrenHas given birth to Joely Collins, Simon Collins, Lily Collins.
Genres for what he became famousSoft rock, Art rock, Pop, Progressive rock, Blue-eyed soul, Jazz fusion
He was labeled asAtlantic, Walt Disney, Rhino, WEA  
Instruments he is good at playingDrums, vocals, Piano.

He started acting in 1963 at the age of just 12 and continued it till 2011 by improving his musical career by introducing various reunions. 


He was seen acting in Avengers, Disney, and more movies that brought him a good name as a singer and actor.

When Did Phil Collins die then?

A few years ago, there was flash news that Phil Collins has entered the world of Paradise, in the words of newspapers and radio news. Meaning that he is no more. But the truth is that he is alive and has not died yet.

Everyone believed that he has died in an accident in Argentina while he was on tour. So news claimed that his dead body is crashed and no one can afford to bring back the crashed parts of the dead body. 


But it was a surprise to everyone when he was on screen in 2015. People are in shock to see him alive again. To reveal the fact, he said that he was intentionally off the screen for his mental peace and decided to take a personal tour to improve his life.

There were a series of deaths of musicians when he disappeared for his out-of-screen tour. So it was easy to believe that he had gone too. This is how this news came into the world, being proved wrong after his comeback. 

He could have brushed this news off but wanted to surprise everyone on screen again. This is what he kept in mind when he got to know the news about his death. The primary thing that made people believe that he was on a continuous break for four years from 2011.


This is very rare that we can call someone dead when he is alive and listening to the news.


If you still ask someone, When Did Phil Collins die? Then it is sure that you will be ashamed before them. He has not died yet, still alive at 70 and healthy. You can go to his website and listen to his sessions also.

Feel free to tell us what you thought about his fake death news.

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