Where Is The 9th Elf In Bloxburg


Where Is The 9th Elf In Bloxburg? Different games with stunning features are always the attention attractor. We are talking about such exciting features in this article.

Bloxburg is a well-known game. As the gaming industry is developing massively, we find new games every day online. New games mean new features, and all games have their signature features. Likewise, the other game Bloxburg also has some features, which is our main focusing point.

During the game of Bloxburg, it is tough to find the 9th Elf, and many people are failed to find it. To educate them on this feature, we conduct core research on this matter and gather all helpful information. To unleash the process, keep reading this article.

What is Bloxburg?


To find out the location Where Is The 9th Elf In Bloxburg, we have to learn about Bloxburg. In simple words, Bloxburg is a life simulating online video game, and Coeptus is the inventor of this game.

This game revolves around a fictional city and household stuff over this virtual world. Bloxburg is becoming very popular with each passing day. It achieved a position in 8th place among all the fun, which got one billion visits quickly.

What is the 9th Elf? 

Before going deep into the matter of Where Is The 9th Elf In Bloxburg, we need to get a clear idea of the 9th Elf. The 9th Elf is a new addition to this game. 


Before it, there was a total of 9th Elf available on their game. The corpus launched the 9th Elf recently during the Christmas of the previous year.

There are various elf hunts available in this game separately, but the hardest one is this new edition. 

Where Is The 9th Elf In Bloxburg?

To get the 9th Elf easily if you pay a bit of attention to the game surrounding it. 

  • You can get the 9th Elf in the highway tunnel.
  • Go to the riverside and look for a highway tunnel. 
  • Then quickly find the highway tunnel.
  • Find the straight tunnel right to the riverside.

Remember this point and find the 9th Elf. You can quickly find the ninth Elf if you maintain everything and keep your eyes open.

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What are the locations of other Elf in Bloxburg?

Apart from the 9th Elf, there is eight other Elf available in Bloxburg. So let’s reveal the location of other elfs in this game.

  • The 1st Elf is positioned at the parking lot of the Observatory.
  • The 2nd Elf is placed beneath the tree located behind the Observatory.
  • The 3rd Elf is found on the initial level of the right side of the Mountain Of Bloxburg.
  • The 4th Elf is found on the fishing hut’s right side.
  • The 5th Elf is found on the left of Fancy Furniture.
  • The 6th Elf is found in the cave of Bloxburg that is located in the mining area positioned after the wooden pole.
  • Based on Where Is the 9th Elf in Bloxburg, we found the 7th Elf situated at the Billboard Sign of Bloxy Burger.
  • The 8th Elf is spotted in the Gazblox Gas Station.

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We serve everything related to this topic. Where Is The 9th Elf In Bloxburg? You can easily apply shared points and find the 9th Elf easily. Hopefully, it will help you and make you aware of such facts.

Meanwhile, share any experience or tricks related to this topic, drop it in the comment section.


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