Why Pergola Covers Make Sense in Ways More Than One


Pergolas are large outdoor open structures made using pergola bracket kit, typically installed by people in their gardens and backyards to enjoy the outdoor life right at home. 

According to Apartment Therapy, a pergola is an affordable way of giving your property a more personal and unique look. A pergola also provides additional privacy for outdoor gatherings, makes your outdoor space more varied, and adds a touch of your style to your house. They also help create more usable outdoor space and boost the curb value of your home. While you can add a permanent cover to your pergola, installing a custom cover is way more economical. Some of the top benefits of pergola covers include:


Expanded Space for Living and Entertaining

When you cover your pergola, you automatically get to extend your home to the outdoor by adding a variety of features like living and dining areas, outdoor kitchens, and bars for chilling out with family or entertaining guests. A pergola with a cover ensures privacy from peeping neighbors and protection against the vagaries of the weather. A pergola cover lets you boost the space in your home significantly without much additional expense.


Enhanced Weather Protection 

One of the more significant benefits of adding a cover to your pergola is an immediate shelter from the elements. Unlike an open patio, where you and your furniture are at the mercy of the weather, custom pergola covers give you excellent protection from the elements; bright sunshine or rain that spoil the fun.

Protect Your Furniture and Furnishings


When you are relaxing or entertaining outdoors, you need to have suitable furniture and furnishings to decorate the space just like any other room of your house. By using a pergola cover, you can get more freedom to use different kinds of furniture, carpets, rugs, curtains, and more to decorate the extended space. The great thing is you are not limited to using outdoor furniture and furnishings because the cover can keep everything protected from dust, debris, sunshine, rain, and snow that could have wreaked havoc with the furniture. When you install a cover on the pergola, everything stays cleaner and protected from the elements and gets an extended lifespan, making constant cleaning and repairing redundant.

Saves Energy 


A pergola with a cover gets less heated up or cold, which means you need to spend less on heating or cooling. Also, the covered pergola helps to shade your house from the blazing sun and save significantly on your HVAC expenses. You will also be able to make the space more comfortable by installing ceiling fans.


Beyond the functional utilities of a pergola cover discussed above, one of the main benefits of having a covered pergola is the boost in the value of your home. Homeowners have embarked on a new love affair with outdoor living spaces. It has resulted in the upswing in market prices for homes with outdoor spaces that are livable, enjoyable, and visually appealing. Even if you are not putting your home on the market, a pergola goes a long way in making living and entertaining at home more enjoyable.

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