Wonder Twins Activate


What is wonder twins activate? Are you a fan of comic books, then you may be familiar with the extraterrestrial superhero duo, sister named Jayna and brother named Zan?

The duo was first launched in the United States as cartoon characters. They were featured in an animated cartoon which was quite prominent around the ’70s. The duo has a superpower, and they can only be turned on together when punching their hands together. Please read further for more details about them and their new book.

Who are the Wonder twins?

Superfriends was a cartoon created for kids to enjoy the DC Justice League and its special characters. The cartoon first aired in 1977, and the characters became a prominent influence for their junior series. The book displays two exiled kids from their home, which lies on Exxor, and are forced to live everyday teenage life on earth.


Among the twins, Zan is the brother who has a superpower that allows him to become various forms of water, and her twin sister Jayna can change herself into any animal character form. The duo has Gleek, which is their pet, and helps them in every combat against villains.

Their popularity made them appear in various animated comics, and later they were made a part of the official DC comics universe. The twins have been featured on multiple other platforms like Smallville, an American animated series and another series named teen titan go.

Now Mark Russell has launched his new book “Wonder Twins activate.” Read further for more information about this book.

First appearanceThe All-new Super Friends hour
First comics apperanceSuper friends
Created byJoseph Barbara, William Hanna, Norman Maurer
Fictional UniverseSmallville
Alter egoZan and Jayna
Team affiliationSuper friends justice league ten eliments of the Universe extreme justice
Abilities of Zan To shape shift in any form of water
Abilities of Jayna To transform in any animal
Voice ArtistZan’s voice was given by Michael Bell and Jayna’s voice by B.J Ward

What is wonder twins activate?


Mark Russell has written a comic book and which is produced on the famous superhero twins. The adventures of the twins are the basis of the book. The book starts with the plot when they are exiled from their home Exxor, and they were forced to enroll as teenagers in the South metropolis high school. 

They feel unwanted and face many problems for their survival as they feel like a complete outsider. The book was initially published on 19 October 2019 with the illustrator Stephen Bryne. 

The genre of the book is superhero comics, and it is an animated graphic novel. The book is available for reading on many online platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, etc. The price of the text in the United States is $16.99, and it has many volumes to read.


The book is a treat for kids, and if you are a fan of DC comics, this book is a must-read. Do read through the reviews and overview before purchasing the book.


The book has a 3.9/5 rating on Goodreads, 8.5/10 ratings on comic book round-up, and a 4/5 rating on the collected edition. We read the reviews on open platforms, and most of the readers appreciated the book’s plot and complimented the artist for the fantastic graphics.

But some of the reviews from people who were foreign to the series complained about the boring storyline and annoying villains. The comic book is unsuitable for teenagers or adults as they might find it unappealing with a slow storyline. 


The book is proper for the kid’s audience. If you are an old follower of these characters, then you will love the comic book, and you should buy it.

We have received a mixed response from the reader of the “wonder twins activate” book series. The information contained in the article is solemnly based on data gathered from open sources, and we would suggest you read the book reviews and do not consider our words like a holy grail.


If you are a fan of superhero comic books, then “wonder twins activate” is an excellent pick for your collection. They are classic cartoon characters that will bring back your childhood memories. You can gift the book to your kids, and they will get addicted to the enthralling characters.

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Do read the book and share your reviews about the book in the comments section. We love hearing from our readers.

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