Word Bakery 2021 Legit


Is Word Bakery 2021 Legit or not? Whether you’re stuck in boring conventions, lectures, or a bus ride back home, there is only one thing that can save you the monotony of it all -the games. But not just any games. There is always one game that happens to uplift your mood and distract you for a while. This new game claims to do it all. 

Word Bakery is a registered application from the United States that has recently come up in many advertisements. But don’t we all wish we’d known all about a game before installing it? The disappointment of opening a new game and finding it didn’t live up to our standard or wasn’t what we were looking for is an abyss. 


So let’s move ahead and see if this game is worth all the hype.

What is Word Bakery 2021?

This game has recently been launched and runs on the principle of letter combinations. The how and what of this game is pretty simple. They give you a bunch of letters on the screen along with a crossword-like display. You combine the letters in a way that fits into all the blocks of the crossword, and Voila! You’ve completed the level. 

But as it is, the game claims to sharpen your mind if you play it regularly for 10 minutes. How often does that happen when you get to enjoy yourself, get past boredom, AND get smarter? But the real question is word bakery legit after all?


Let us dig into specifics and find out whether it is Word Bakery 2021 Legit or not?


  • Feature Company- MaruMaru LLC
  • Contact Address- No specific address provided
  • Customer Care Number- The only option available is to write in the review section, and they’ll revert back
  • Email Address- contentwriter116@gmail.com
  • Works on- Android and iOS
  • Current Version- 1.2.4 
  • Installs- 10,000 +
  • Size- 48M
  • Updated on- 22nd January 2021

Pros of Word Bakery 2021

  • It helps to improve your concentration and makes you focus more.
  • It is a great way to distract yourself or avoid boredom.
  • The graphics are quite vivid and crisp and gives it a lovely background.
  • It is user-friendly, and anyone above the age of 13 till the age of 60 can play it with quite some ease.
  • You can even add money to your gift card balance.
  • It helps you to relieve stress.

Cons of Word Bakery 2021

  • The application glitches a lot while playing, which converts the whole fun time into frustration.
  • The application has a feature of cashing the wallet money, which has only worked for half of their players. 
  • They share information with a third party and require permissions like Photo/Media/Files.
  • The advertisements are quite a lot and interrupt the game plenty of times.

Is word bakery 2021 legit or not?

The application performs near about the same as what it claims to be. There are quite a few glitches that they can work on. The privacy policy is somewhat dicey and not very clear on their statements. Also, they have not provided any information regarding contact except their email id. 


This goes without saying that people sync in their PayPal to withdraw the wallet balance, which can be risky.

But they’ve responded to most of the inquiries on PlayStore. According to PlayStore, they’ve been rated at 3.7 stars which is above average.

What are customer reviews about Word Bakery 2021?

While some of the customers have responded positively to this game and enjoy playing it once in a while, others are just not happy. The question of Is World Bakery 2021 legit stands answered as many customers have complained that the game doesn’t pay up and the procedure is rather long. 


They also say that the game is full of glitches and crashes quite frequently. 


When we tried the game, we found that it is a fun way to pass your time. But the complaints are also true. After a while, it starts crashing, and all the fun drains out of it. The advertisements are frustrating, and when they start adding the amount, it builds hope for a player. 

But the frustration of not being able to withdraw is real. So this was our take on Word Bakery 2021 legit or not. Do let us know in the comments below what you think of this game.

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