Zales Live Store Scam


Are you looking for the correct answer to is Zales live store scam? Bingo! You are in the perfectly right place. Women love their jewelry. Here we present detailed info about this website. As we all know, jewelry makes women a bit happier. It’s essential to research the official site before buying some precious thing from it. 

The website is currently trending in the United States to sell an extensive collection of jewelry, but they are also taking orders from other countries. They have an extensive collection to offer you on both their offline store and outlets.

What is Zales live store?


Zales is an online store with practical experience in selling jewelry, accessories, rings, and bracelets. They offer their services on offline stores also. This website has many exciting features, and People love to have lightweight and straightforward adornments with their clothing types, and that is the thing which is the main attraction of this particular website. 

Let’s solve the query is Zales live store scamor not. This website will be examined in the forthcoming segments of the article, so please read the complete information carefully.

Detailed information: 

  • Bracelets: This website offers special wristbands made of reused materials. Women can pick the best among Mila, Michelle, various kinds of armbands.
  • Neckband: They offer a broad scope of accessories made with compelling examples, and women can match them with any outfit. They can pick neckbands among plans.
  • Rings: Ladies frequently prefer to wear rich rings to enhance fingers. This website audits shares different sorts of Rings in their whole category.


  • Contact number details: 1-800-311-5393.
  • Contact address details: Mail Customer Service, 375 Ghent Roan, Akron, Ohio 44333.
  • Email address detail: No information is available at this moment.
  • Category: Online jewelry website.
  • Payment method: Online payment mode.
  • Payment options: Credit card and debit card, PayPal, VISA are available.


  • A valid HTTPS certificate is available.
  • The website is having more than hundreds of designs and items at one stop.
  • The website is SSL encrypted, which means it is safe for online transactions.
  • The most fabulous thing is that they are using recycled metals for making the ornaments.
  • Free shipping is also available on purchase of minimum order.
  • You can also visit their social media page for more info and the latest updates.


  • No contact information is available, which is not appropriate from a consumer point of view.
  • A social media page is present, but no actual and honest review is available on Facebook, although you will find some likes and followers on Instagram.
  • Till now, we couldn’t find any buyer who experienced shopping on this website.

Is Zales live store scam? 

According to our research, we can’t consider it a legit website. Here we present some points to verify our study:

  • There is no email address available which is not a good point. 
  • There is no SSL certificate available for this website.
  • If you note that the website was launched in 2020, but there are no good reviews with a fair amount of information present over the internet.
  • The social media page is also empty, and all the links are fake and full of counterfeit consumers’ comments. 
  • We also spot a lot of suspicious activities on this website. 

If you are thinking of buying from it, then please acknowledge it with a bit of safety. 

Because there are many related Zales live store review articles available on the internet, few of them considered it legit without any substantial proof. We remark it with 30 percent of trust scores and consider it as a scam website.

Customer’s opinion about it?


During the research, we found its Facebook and Instagram page but couldn’t find any reviews; there is no related information available about it on the internet. So, the answer is a big no of the question is Zales live store scamor not. 

No real-time customers are available on the internet. Few website reviews and zero responses from real customers are available on the internet. 

We spot a couple of people who point out this site is a big scam through one particular website. 


So, the result of thisis clear. This site is a scam as of now for various kinds of suspicious activity.


ParametersAvailability Status
Trust score30%
SSL certificateNo
Customer’s reviewNo
Social media presenceYes

Hopefully, you sketch a better idea about this website from this article. So, we advised you to avoid this site. If you still want to buy something from it, it’s all your decision but accesses it with the minimum safety guidelines, that’s it.

You can also write to us about your experiences, opinions, and views about the website and article in the comments section. And also, tell us if you found it is”Zales live store scam” worthy or not.

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