7 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Connection


No one can imagine his life without the internet today. We use WiFi and mobile internet everywhere and even on the go. Unfortunately, the fast internet remains just a dream for many. We likely have to reboot our WiFi routers several times a day to boost the connection’s speed at least a bit. It is not pleasant to do when you are watching your favorite movie or have tons of work. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to increase internet speed. When using public WiFi, you will hardly reach the best results, but there are still a few ways to improve the quality of the connection, even in this case. If you want to stop struggling with your work and dream of a smooth connection, follow the tips below and quickly achieve the best possible speed.

Connect to a VPN

Using a VPN for faster internet sounds like a taunt. However, the fears of the VPN speed are not more than a myth. It comes from when VPN services were first invented, and at those times, VPN services slowed the internet down. Nowadays, when using a quality and safe VPN, you do not simply change your IP address to remain anonymous. You protect your data from leaks, access all the necessary content restricted in your area, and speed up your Internet connection. 


How is that possible? The truth is your Internet provider often sets up restrictions to reduce the cost of the internet. You pay for one amount of internet and receive it in another, and the networks are too overloaded by people downloading different content. So providers simply reduce the speed discreetly for your IP address. 

Using a VPN for a PC will change your IP and won’t allow your provider to do that. Of course, it is necessary to choose a reputable and safe VPN that will be able to protect your data and, at the same time, boost the speed of your Internet connection.

Keep in mind the data cap

Data caps are one of the most frequent reasons for low internet speed. Once again, a provider isn’t open about the data caps, but it still applies to slow your connection down. A data cap means you can only use a certain amount of data monthly, and this amount depends on your provider. 


Once you exceed the limit, your speed will be reduced significantly, and you will notice that. You can check it on your account. It will most likely be written in a very small font at the bottom of the page. Once again, if you connect to a VPN regularly, you can avoid this problem. 

Give your router rest from time to time

Rebooting your router at times is a must, even if you do not struggle with your internet connection speed at the moment. Routers are not eternal, and they need rest like all devices. This way, your Internet connection will be updated. If you struggle with your speed, you can reboot the router daily. 

Of course, it will not make your connection faster than ever, but it is a very quick and efficient way to eliminate the problem whenever you need it. 

Change the place for your router


Routers cannot chase you wherever you may go. The problem with a low speed is often that a user is too far from his router. If you often use the internet in your room, put the router in the same room or, at least not far from it. If you, for instance, have several floors and your router is on the second floor while you are working on your PC on the first one, your connection will suffer. Make sure the router’s signals can reach your device.

Use adblockers

Every content provider shows tons of ads. You will see endless advertisements when browsing the internet, and most videos are played automatically. You may enjoy watching such content, but your connection speed will still suffer. Ads slow the speed down, so it is sometimes better to block them. 

You can install plugins for your browser; they are free and will boost the speed of your internet successfully. If you use a good VPN for PC, you do not need an ad blocker because such services offer them with their VPNs. 

Consider antivirus software


Every PC user should install antimalware software. If you have not done that yet, it is highly recommended to. Malware and viruses do not simply harm your data and computer but also the speed of your Internet connection. Protection software is a must for everyone who uses the internet or flashcards on PCs or laptops. 

You do not need to spend time and scan your PC, and most software does it automatically daily at a certain time. If a virus is spotted, it will be removed automatically, so you may not even notice it and won’t be distracted from work. 

You may need to change the Internet provider

The speed of any Internet connection directly depends on your provider. If none of those mentioned above tips help, you may need to negotiate about your provider. If there is no result, consider changing a provider based on the reviews of your friends or other users. 

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