Is RockAuto Legit | No One Will Tell You This? 2022


Is Rockauto legit? Is it safe and reliable? If you are stuck with such thoughts in the back of your mind, this article is the perfect place to be. Everyone who possesses an automobile knows that part replacements are a given in some situations.

Additionally, purchasing auto components from trustworthy places is essential. Nowadays, most consumers make purchases online since it is simpler and faster. RockAuto is probably a brand you’ve encountered if you’re looking for cheap auto parts. But how reliable are their products? Let’s find out.

What is RockAuto?


Before we move on to the section- “is RockAuto legit,” it is prudent to know about the company first. RockAuto was established in 1999. In simpler words, this company is an automobile part provider. RockAuto doesn’t have any physical locations; it works entirely online. Therefore, the company tends to back up all of its auto-parts data on its website.  

One of this company’s most significant advantages is that it’s devoid of operational costs. They have a network of about 300 manufacturers, and the clients are linked to the same. Because of zero operating costs, RockAuto offers impressive discounts to its customers. AC Delco, SKF, Timken, Centric, etc., are a few of many brands that RockAuto boasts of selling their parts.

The customers are also given the freedom to return the bought parts. Nevertheless, the parts can be returned only if they aren’t used/fitted/altered. The return window remains active for a month only. If the buyer returns the item by sticking to the T&C, they can get a refund of the total amount.


Although this organization employs no technicians, they keep manuals for people requiring any assistance concerning repairing a part. Furthermore, the shoppers must be aware of the wide variety of icons in RockAuto’s online catalog.

FlagParts are exclusive to some countries
No flag  Parts are available everywhere
Red heartThe product is highly well-liked, with fewer unfavorable reviews


  • Founder: Tom Taylor
  • Year of establishment: 1999
  • Type: Profitable organization
  • Mode of operation: Online
  • Contact number: (608) 661-1376
  • Website:
  • Social media presence: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
  • Office Address: Madison, Wisconsin 53719, USA

Pros of RockAuto

  • Parts are available at affordable prices and at great discounts
  • Navigating and finding parts is easy
  • Customers can optimize their page in terms of language and currency at their convenience
  • Sells parts of many automobiles brands

Cons of RockAuto

  • Finding the customer support and communication details on the website might be challenging
  • Real-time chatting and visiting the store is not possible
  • Tracking your item is difficult
  • New clients may get confused with the symbols present in the catalog
  • A few buyers have complained of getting delivered with faulty parts
  • Shipping is expensive

Is RockAuto legit?

Yes, RockAuto is a legit company, and it is legally established in Wisconsin and has also received recognition from BBB. Even though a bit challenging to navigate, RockAuto’s website is simple. Additionally, the company has accounts on several social media platforms, including FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 


This online retail store gives you the leverage to buy auto parts straightforwardly from the original manufacturer. The company does not believe in involving any middlemen. Moreover, RockAuto has invested its last 2 decades looking for innovative methods to lower the cost of vehicle components for their clients.

What are the customer reviews?

We hope you got your answer to the question – is RockAuto legit or not? Now the question is whether RockAuto is intentionally defrauding consumers, given how several clients have posted feedback alleging they were “hoodwinked” by this business. Upon analyzing numerous negative feedbacks from individuals, we found that a large portion of the negative comments was about the inefficiency of proper customer support. 

People with negative comments regarding the component quality were quite a. However, a few have written that they did not receive any package even after receiving the “Delivered” mail. In addition, most people are annoyed with their time taking delivery and over-the-top shipping cost. In contrast, many people are thrilled after getting discounts on their requested parts. 


Therefore, it can be said that the reviews are more like a 60-40 case wherein 70% account for negative reviews and 30% account for positive feedback.


Hence, RockAuto is applauded for its reasonable costs and premium automobile components, despite being poorly rated for its customer support. Additionally, we cannot ignore that RockAuto has come under fire for dishonest tactics and for delivering faulty equipment. So, it would be best to do thorough research before buying from this website.

Furthermore, it is absolutely up to you whether or not you want to do economic purchasing, irrespective of a few potential risks linked to the website. We hope the article “is RockAuto legit” helped you.

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