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Are you looking for acne star gel reviews? You are most welcome in this review article of the popular product of We commit to providing an undifferentiated review of the given product and also offer relevant details to it.

Acne star gel is India based product and is used widely in the country. Pollution is increasing day by day, and so do the acne problems in youth. People want to buy the cheaper product to treat acne. With this product, your problems will be solved.


Let us see more details about the magic gel to cure your acne and the worries occupying your head.

All about acne star gel?

The acne star gel is a product from This is a magic gel that claims to cure pimples and acne. It provides blemish-free, radiant, bright, crystal-clear skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that kill the bacteria forming on the skin for acne occurrence. It reduces the excretion of excess oil accumulation on the skin.

We will provide you unbiased acne star gel review. The gel provides the solution within days of applying. This star gel is a dream for youngsters who suffer from teenage acne and pimples. Acne Star gel also cures blackheads and whiteheads.


  • The product is used to clear the skin, suppress the pimple, and kill the bacteria, causing breakouts.
  • The tube weighs 22 grams.
  • The gel is available in Indian pharmacies.
  • It provides instant solutions for breakouts.
  • It costs ₹99


  • Address- 208- Okhla estate, phase 3, Delhi- 110020, India
  • Email- contact(at)mankindpharma(dot)com
  • Website- www(at)acnestar(dot)com
  • Phone- 18001034400
  • Shipping- The website doesn’t provide shipping.

Key features:

  • It gives crystal clear, radiant, and glowing skin.
  • It is very affordable for an average middle-class man.
  • Both men and women can use it.
  • It removes and blurs the scars on the face.
  • If used regularly, it can provide desired results.


  • Acne-free skin in just a few applications.
  • Prices are very cheap.
  • Can be readily available in pharmacies near you.
  • It not only cures stubborn pimples but also helps to reduce whiteheads and blackheads on the face.


  • Cannot be used without the reference of dermatologists.
  • Website does not offer to buy option.
  • Once stopped using the product; there are chances that acne can reoccur.
  • Being so affordable for treating acne makes the mind suspicious.
  • It doesn’t provide brighter skin as it claims.



It is composed of nicotinamide (4%) and clindamycin topical (1%). This mixture is well known to contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Is acne star com legit?

Yes, acne star com is a legitimate website. It is widely used in India. It is most commonly used amongst youngsters. The domain is old. The product has been present in the market for a long time. We have seen good acne star gel reviews.


The website is also SSL encrypted. We saw a huge social media presence. It can be purchased from the store, so you can be satisfied that your money is safe.

We would recommend you consult a dermatologist before getting into anything for skin. We do not know how sensitive your skin is and how this product will react on the face. It is better to checkout with the doctor before trying your hands on the facial skin.

Acne star gel review by customers:

We have seen mixed reviews by Indians. Users claimed to have benefited from the product, and some users got nothing but disappointment by using it.


We all know the fact that some will like the product and some will not like it. Some customers complained that to have turned the skin red after applying and caused a burning sensation. Some have faced mild tingling on the skin. The product has got a 3.5-star rating out of 5, which is a good review.


We have provided all the relevant details and given you our verdict. This is a genuine product, but we would still recommend consulting it with a dermatologist. We hope you must have got an acne star gel review by now.

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Social media presenceyes
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