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Scrolling the internet for Jonathon stone real estate reviews? The real estate business is at its height. Everyone is looking for a successful real estate brand or company or a person who helps them with their work. There are tons of companies available on the internet and offline to help everyone with their work. But it is hard to trust people.

This is an Australia-based company. To help our valued readers and other people with their problems, we are here to find out all details related to the company, their pros, cons, specifications, legitimate check, customer reviews to make your concept clear about such personality and his company. Many interesting facts are waiting for you in this article to reveal.

What is Jonathon stone real estate?

Jonathon Stone is an experienced realtor of real estate. He has been in this field for the past six years. He is a business agent, realtor broker, buyer agent, listing agent and consultant. His success story created another level of buzz.


In his initial career days, he kept waiting for people to give him a chance. But over the years, everything changed a lot, and many people are waiting for him for one appointment. His technique of serving his client is extraordinary. According to his time, his extra knowledge and significant negotiations skills are the main Trump card to convince a buyer or seller to sell or buy a house.

He sold 40 properties in the last five years moreover and listed 50 properties in all these years. We will discuss Jonathon Stone real estate reviews in our further segments.


  • Category: Real estate.
  • Price range: 101k-134k
  • Contact address: 5964 TIMBER RIDGE DR, PROSPECT, KY, 40059.
  • Contact number: No valid contact information Is available.
  • Email Address:


  • He is an experienced real estate owner.
  • He started his own company and served his clients on his own.
  • He served all his clients with all services on his own.


  • No good social media presence is available on this website.
  • No valid contact details are available on this website.
  • More costly than other real estate businesses.

What is the essential background of Jonathon stone?

Having cemented himself as the go-to agent in McDowall & Bridgeman Downs and #8 nationally within Stone (#2 in QLD), it is easy to think John might have a bit of ego about him; however, upon meeting John, it becomes evident his salt of the earth attitude comes from his 5th generation farming background. 


John’s genuine care for his clients sets him apart from all others, verified by being the only agent in McDowall and Bridgeman Downs with a 100% vendor satisfaction rate plus a litany of suburb records to boot.

John doesn’t just talk the talk, and he is an active member of the community with being on the McDowall SS P&C and owning properties in both McDowall and Bridgeman Downs personally. To clarify the Jonathon stone real estate reviews, we add this section.

Whilst it is essential to have a skilled negotiator in your corner, where John shines is his end-to-end service, from coordinating property improvements to organizing styling, ensuring the maximum sale and minimum stress for his sellers.

Is this company legit?


According to us, he is an experienced realtor and genuine company.

  • We mark this company as accurate, and the trust score is 89%.
  • This company is run by many experienced people.
  • This person is acclaimed as BBB certified, and all security certificates are available.
  • No social media presence is available on any social media platform.

What is the previous customer’s reaction to Jonathon stone real estate reviews?

We found a lot of positive responses on the internet about this personality and the company.

Allen said, “This company is personally very good. They are really good in their service and they help you out with each of their services and provide personal assistance.” 


Lisa said, “Jonathan was an absolute pleasure to work with. Smart and will do everything in his will to help. Plus, he keeps you laughing which is always good when you’re dealing with the stress of buying and selling a home!”

Lucy said, “This company is good but their services are more costly than other companies. One man handles everything, that’s why the process is a bit lengthy.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 89%
SSL certificate Yes  
Social media presence No  
Customer reviews Yes 

Here we collect all information related to Jonathon stone real estate reviews and present it here to clear your view. This company is legit. You can contact this company to solve your queries.

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