Allund Website Scam Or Legit – What Customer Says [2024]


Is allund website scam? No tension; you are just one step away from revealing all truths by yourself from this article. Online dating is expanding day by day, and millions of people are trying this out. Many entrepreneurs are trying to launch various kinds of dating sites to grow this industry more. So an extensive exposure is available in this business. Get any pop us text or invitation from this site to join in and worry about its legitimacy.

Allund is one of them and launched a few months ago. But it keeps a hidden fact behind its name. We are here with these secret updates and other valuable information related to this website to solve your dilemma. Be with us to learn more appropriately and find out the absolute truth.

What is the allund website? 

Allund website is an online dating website. This web was launched a few months ago. This site is not an independent dating website. This website is redirecting all viewers to another online dating website, Ashley madison. 


Mr. J.D launched this website in 2002 for both married and unmarried people. They have a controversial tagline which is life is short, have an affair. Allund redirects all of its users to this page directly to access it. 

This website is catching mass attraction in the United States and the United Kingdom. Regular search histories are improving the rank of this website. Now the actual question is, is allund website scam or not? We are revealing this answer in our forthcoming segments. 


  • Website name:
  • Category: Dating Website.
  • Website age: two to three months.
  • Name of redirect website: Ashley
  • Costs: It is a free dating website.
  • Email address:


  • All their wireless connections have a good network coverage area.
  • They will provide a free of cost dating service without any interruption.
  • Many people are searching for their ideal partner from this website. 
  • That’s why you will find many choices.
  • The account delete feature is available to delete your account entirely from this website.


  • They only offer their dating service within the U.S.
  • They are not providing any deals and discounts on their website on premium membership.
  • This site failed to deliver quality communication services on time to satisfy its customers.

Is the allund website scam or not?

This is a nineteen-year-old website that is running successfully in the U.S. They are reliable, trustworthy, and people’s choice over there. Based on this point of view, we can consider this website legit. But we sum up some points especially for you people for a more accurate idea of our decision. 

  1. Their name issues a valid SSL certificate. That means your private data is secured.
  2. Millions of positive reviews are available all over the Internet. 
  3. There are two million registered profiles on this dating site. A scam website can’t afford to be so famous.
  4. This website is a news web portal that redirects you to an old and trustworthy dating website. 
  5. According to us, the trust score is 60% which means an entirely legit and active website.

Hopefully, these points are enough to describe their legitimacy. You can undoubtedly access the site.

Customer’s opinion about this website:

We found hundreds of comfortable and happy reviews on the whole Internet.

Ronald said,


 “The tagline of this company completely shocked me and increased my interest to use this website. Hopefully, this will help me to meet new people.According to my allund website scam is a false statement.”

Julian said, 

“This dating site is excellent to change your stereotypical mentality towards dating. I am pretty much-enjoying being a regular active participant here.’’


Parameters Remark
Trust score60%
SSL certificate Yes
Social media presence Yes
Customer review Yes

We try to cover all possible and crucial fields of this segment to answer all your questions and solve each doubt on your side. This portal is new, but the actual company has been running for many years. This website is not a scam.

You can share your experiences and views on this allund website scam in the comment section below to let us know how this article will help you.


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