How to Activate Cricket Phone


How to activate cricket phone? Each person who comes across the service and wants to access this service is curious about this answer. Many wireless companies are starting their businesses with new ideas and techniques. This service is a well-known company running its businesses for many years and contributing to its good growth.

This is an American company. This company is running under another renowned company AT&T. We are presenting a detailed info menu of this service which contains its primary intro, available services, activation process, and many more things to explore. In simple words, you are on the right page to know more about this service and its activation process.

What is a cricket phone?

This service is a renowned wireless device company which was founded in 1999 and taken over in 2004. They offer many services internally, from phone to wireless telecom. We are mainly focusing on how to activate cricket phone. 


Different available services of this website: 

  • Telecom plans and their features.
  • Phone of various reputed brands.
  • Data devices.
  • Bring your phone service.
  • Different accessories.


  • Contact Number: 1-800-274-2538.
  • Helping website:
  • Email address:
  • Category: Wireless service providers.
  • Payment method: Digital payments are accepted only.
  • Payment method: Any online transaction and net banking are available to clear all payments.
  • Return period: You can return it within seven days after delivery.

How to activate cricket phone? ( For online orders) 

If you ordered Cricket service online at, you’d need to start your service online.

  • Firstly, insert your SIM card BEFORE you activate it (learn how to insert your SIM card here).
  • Locate your order number and phone number. You can find both items in your order confirmation email or on your packing slip.
  • Go to and follow the steps. You’ll need your four-digit Cricket Account PIN.

What is the activation procedure for non-retail customers?


Firstly, before letting you know how to activate cricket phone, we are listing some important things to remember for your help.

All crucial things you need:

  • SIM card and device from a non-Cricket retailer OR Universal SIM card kit from a non-Cricket retailer and a GSM-compatible unlocked device
  • A copy of your current wireless bill (if you want to transfer your number)
  • A debit/credit card, Cricket Refill Card, or Service Payment Card to pay for your first month’s service
  • Your four-digit Cricket Account PIN. 

The activation process: 

  • In the initial stages, you have to set your sim card or device online. Your ICCID number is printed on the larger card (shaped like a credit card) that came with your SIM card. It can be up to 22 digits long. 
  • If you bought a new device, the ICCID should also be printed on your box.
  • You can usually find your 15-digit IMEI number in your phone’s settings:
  • On an iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and look for your IMEI. 
  • On an Android, go to Settings > About Phone or Tablet > Status and locate your IMEI. 
  • Other ways to get your IMEI:
  • Look on the back of your phone (under the battery). 
  • Look at your new device box. 
  • Dial *#06# on your phone.
  • Enter both numbers and select Continue. 
  • Then choose your plan and features.
  • Enter and confirm your phone number.
  • Create the account and verify it properly.
  • Enter your contact info and register for online account access.
  • Create a PIN and choose your security questions.
  • If you’re already a customer, make sure your information is correct.
  • Enter the payment info and confirm all details and clear the transactions.
  • Complete your order and activate it.

This process is a tricky procedure. Be more attentive while doing this.


Is this company legit? 

Yes, undoubtedly, this company is legit with a 95% trust score.

  • They are the sub-brand of AT&T. 
  • All security certificates are available to secure your valuable data.
  • A 24/7 responsive customer care service is another remarkable fact of their legitimacy.

Customers opinion about this brand: 

Thousands of customers are actively using their service and satisfied with it. Emily Robinson, Crusoe, and many more people are showering good comments on the Internet about them.


Ruby and Erickson were entangled in the activation process and facing some difficulties. The significant drawback of this service is its lengthy and challenging activation process.


Parameters Remark
Trust score95%
SSL certificate Yes
Social media presence No
Customer review Yes

This company is accurate and trusted by thousands of people. But you have to be careful about their activation process for a valid activation.

You can share your opinion on how to activate cricket phone in the comment section below, and let us know your views. 

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