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Here in Asimmys com reviewsyou will help yourself with the feedback and reviews and make the best choice. As technology is developing day by day, every single task is getting easier as well. As of now, we don’t even need to go out shopping as well due to advanced technology; everyone can check the items available in stock at various sites by just entering into the particular site and scrolling over. And for getting good and guaranteed products, it is mandatory to go through customers’ feedback as such. 

Usually, this online store is used in the United States because all the custom products are available on the site. This site has a collection of every profession. Suppose the particular product which anyone needs is not available. In that case, they even try to make it for you that the best point and even they serve you wherever you are just the delivery time changes according to the address provided.

What is


 It is an online shopping website where you can order the products it may be of any profession. They have got the best suppliers and production for your service with all types of products. 

On this website, there are various sections mentioned at the top left corner like health, home, smart home, computer and tablets, appliances, video games, tv, toys, etc. 


Henceforth people of the United Statesfind it easy to shop and make payments. And even on this website, we can log in using our account by signing up at first so that the purchase details will be secured and you will feel safe about it. 

The search bar is provided on the website, and after getting results, you can click on it where you get to know the price, description, payment methods like master card, VISA, and all. And about the policies like security, return and delivery as such.


To know the in-depth info about Asimmys com reviews, please go through it very carefully.


  • Home: In this section, some of the most useful products with their description like vacuum cleaners, tents, cooking-related materials are given.
  • Smart home: By the name itself, we know that digital appliances like Alexa, speakers and all will be there in this particular section. Also, the price with policies and description will be given.
  • Appliances: In this section, products like air pumps, inflatable pipes, and others are mentioned.


  • Contact Address: There is no contact address provided on the website.
  • Customer care number: The customer care number is not provided on the website.
  • Email Address: This information is not provided on the website. 
  • Payment Method: They accept payment methods through PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, which are very safe and secured.
  • Category of the website: Basically, we can’t mention the specific category of the website because it has products related to almost all the professions, whether it may be home, health, sports and even electronics ah.
  • Delivery time: According to the details mentioned in the description, it is given as 7 to 9 days under every product.
  • Return time: After the product is delivered, we will have the next 30 days to return the product. And the product can also get canceled if you change the mood but before it is shipped.
  • Refund time: After the product is safely returned to the point, a notification will be sent to the customer, and the payment will be processed within a week. Furthermore, information about the Asimmys com reviews will be provided under the customer review section and the legit section.
  • Shipment Policy: shipment is divided into two processing times, where the order will be packed and inspected; delivery time starts after the order is placed, and notification of the waybill number will be sent to the customer.
  • Method of delivery: They offer a standard shipment method.

Pros of Asimmys Com

  • It provides the delivery of products worldwide.
  • There are varieties of products available on the site of various professions.
  • The product can be returned within 30 days, which is a huge amount of time.

Cons of Asimmys Com

  • There is no contact address and number available on the site.
  • Poor website design and copied content lead to this one as untrustworthy.

Is legit?

Before we buy any product, it is mandatory and beneficial to the reviews like Asimmys com reviewsto feel safe while transacting and ordering it. The site is very suspicious as there are not many reviews and feedback available. 


The website has received a 2.4% trust index which is very low. So, please, if you are thinking of buying, then buy with safety even though the time for return and refund is mentioned.

Reviews on

We found the Instagram and Facebook pages during the research, but not no beneficial information was present over there. The site seems suspicious to us.


From the information mentioned above, we can conclude that the website is very suspicious, and you need to purchase the product at your own risk. It is not having enough trust scores as well.

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