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If you are someone who has recently know about the peacock tv and wanted to know how to use it in your smart tv at peacock activate code, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, you will know the process of signing up on the app in an easy way. 

No matter how we feel are tired at our workplace, an interesting movie after you come home would do wonders and make us forget all the stress right. In addition to this, if that is a Sunday, the special day of the week, and you want to watch some film, you won’t be able to go outright in this pandemic time in the United States. 

Moreover, all the theatres are closed and don’t allow people to enter. Then how can you watch? There are so many platforms that will do this for you.


Thanks to these apps for bringing us the latest movies and shoes, which can take away all our sorrows and problems at the time we watch. One such app is the peacock tv app. 

Because of these types of apps, we were able to watch every released movie on the verge of our sofa in the living room, with the popcorn and drink in our hands.

Let us see how to use this app when you connect it to your smart tv, which may be a production of apple, amazon, or LG.

What is peacock tv?


Peacock tv is an application launched by the National Broadcasting Channel in the United States intended to give access to the most hit movies, web series, and original series along with living sports and news updates. 

In the next section, we will see how to activate this at peacock activate code. 

This app has good ties with the United States Television broadcasting channel, which means that it is the application that has come up with help and support from the government. This also promises us to give the true series. By this, we can say that it is worthy of having this app to enjoy unlimited streaming.

How to proceed at peacock activate code?


This app can be used on your laptop, computer. But this is mainly used in the smart TVs where we like to watch binge. Now we will see the steps to proceed:

  • First of all, open the app store on your device and connect to the internet.
  • Then search for the peacock tv application in the search bar.
  • Now click on the install button that is down the app.
  • After the app is installed on your device, try to start the app.
  • And click on the sign-in option.
  • Select one of the plans available. Three plans available now are the free plan, the premium, and the premium plus.
  • You are ready to go with the app after you pay the required amount.

What is the customer feedback for this app?

As this is a 1-year-old channel having a good relationship with the government running its business restricted only to the United States states, it has gained a good amount of popularity and fame for serving the best streams from various sources. 

This feedback section will give us a clear idea about the app, which will let us know other people’s experiences.


Most of the reviews from the viewers say that the prices for their subscription are so less. They are happy to have this for this small amount to see a whole lot of movies for the whole year. 

This is the best thing about being a member by registering atpeacock activate code.

Also, they claim that they have never faced any issue with their applications, and everything runs smoothly. The only thing you need to do is, sit and binge-watch them to feel alighted. 

Final verdict

After considering the customer feedback and reviews, we may say that it is a great platform if you are someone who has a good interest in movies and you are a movie buff. So why wait? Multiple levels of entertainment are waiting for you at a lower price. 

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