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Do you feel bore on Sundays? Do you want the fun to relax your mind and body? Then today, with this article, we will explain about Blox. Pink Roblox provides you a game platform to entertain yourself and your loved ones.


In the recent pandemic Covid19, everyone wants to sit inside instead of going outside. You can divert your mind by playing online games. Today, online games play an important role in gaining popularity in countries like the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, United States, and India.

Let’s discuss a wonderful and exciting online game.

About Blox.Pink Roblox

Blox.Pink is nothing but a redirect link to Blox. Land that provides you Robux. Roblox is a type of online game designed for children who are below 18 years. The main objective of the Roblox is to bring togetherness with the help of play. 



You can imagine fun and entertainment with your friends, with relatives and family members. It is ranked as one of the top online games. Its focus on powering imagination. Roblox has a good fan base, and anyone can easily play this game on a laptop, MacBook, iPhone, etc.

Steps to earn Robux?


First, visit the Blox.Pink Roblox will redirect you to

  • Then create your profile with the signup option either by creating the account on Roblox or either log in with Google.
  • The next step is to earn more points; a player has to download the app and watch the videos.
  • After doing all these tasks then you will get Robux for free.

If you want free Robux, then the condition is that you have to earn more and more points.

Is the website is legit or not?

Trust index of Blox.Pink Roblox is very good, i.e., 93%, and it was created on 29th May 2018, i. e two years old. Didn’t receive any confirmation if any user earned money through this website or not. Some parameters are favorable, and some are unfavorable. We cannot surely say that it is a legit one. Before going through it, do some good research.

What are the reviews about the website?


We got mixed reactions about Blox.Pink Roblox from gamers. Some gamers are satisfied with the website, whereas some are not satisfied. Moreover, we got 2 YouTube viewer’s comments showing it does not satisfy the legitimacy condition. The Trust pilot has given the rating of 3.5 out of 5.


The Website redirects you to the other page to increase the traffic on Blox. Land. Some points are positive, like the trust index, which uses secure connection, whereas some are negative points. We suggest the readers should stay away from the website because it can compromise with your ID, as mentioned in their policy. Stay happy and safe playing.

Have you checked the website Legitimacy? Please share your experience with us.

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