Error 120020


Are you facing Error 120020? This article will tell you all the possible solutions that you may try to fix it. You all have seen it before as it is the most common error shows while opening any Microsoft application/software. Recently several users faced this error; we will tell you how to solve it. Please read the full article.




We noticed that the error is showing while opening MS Office on pc/laptop for the past few days. Many users also faced the problem while closing the application, especially in the United States.

What is Error 120020?

A mistake that by and large appears to be on Microsoft users, numerous as often as possible Office. It’s the next issue that bugs multiple users and gets in the way of their work. This mix-up may frequently prompt the customer not to get the application, which is a gigantic bother for specific clients. In case you’re looking for approaches to take out this blunder, you are at the ideal spot. 


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Make sure:

  • Before continuing any further, please check your web connection is steady or not
  • Users in the United States report that this blunder principally appears when introducing Office. 
  • Antivirus programming might be initiating Error 120020 as it might obstruct the application’s establishment. 
  • The previous version of the software may likewise prompt this mistake. 
  • On the off chance that an old adaptation wasn’t cleaned in the machine, its buildups may meddle with the plan and cause this blunder.

Possible Solutions

  • You can resolve this issue by fixing the Office application, which might be causing problems. 
  • The issue can likewise be fixed by erasing cache/temporary stored files. 
  • Superfluous files in your gadget are frequently the purpose behind Error 120020 as they top off the capacity and make issues. 
  • You can likewise utilize the System Scanner and Checker to determine this issue. 
  • There is an inbuilt framework checker program that you can run and Fix Errors. Regardless of whether you can’t fix your concern without help from anyone else, you can contact Microsoft uphold any time so they can help you in resolving the issue. 
  • You can get to it by entering the order SFC/scannow in the order brief.
  • Or re-install the program.



We hope that the solution mentioned above will help you to overcome the Error 120020. If you are still facing the problem, then uninstall the whole program and after removing all the cache/temporary files, restart the system and re-install the application.

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, then please write us in the comment section below.

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