Bobslot Scam or Not – Big Question? Check Reviews [NOV-2022]


Want to know if Bobslot scam or not? We have collected some useful information that will clear your doubts. Read full info below. 

We often research products and services offered by different companies before trusting them and spending on them. Especially things like automobiles, which are one-time investments, demand more research. 

Online research is the most convenient way to gather information about anything. It is not tiring, and we get almost all the information just in a click! 

About Bobslot


Bobslot is a website that deals in automobiles. People can buy cars, tractors, etc at very reasonable rates. It also provides the services of renting vehicles. Bobslot claims to give satisfactory services to its users. Their business has been running for the last 14 years of work with 22 car dealers. But Bobslot Scam shows something else.

 Let us go through its important details to gain a decent knowledge about the website.


  • Address- Not available
  • Contact number- 1(887)270-2627
  • Email- Not available
  • Payment- Payment can be made immediately or in instalments.
  • They do not provide any return provisions.
  • Both cash and online payments are accepted by them.


  • Customers can make the payment in instalments for the purchases they make.
  • Their prices are pocket-friendly.
  • They have a wide network of car dealers.


  • No reviews are available on the website.
  • They have no social media pages.
  • No authentic reviews available put it on the question of being a scam.

 Is Bobslot scam or not?


People have raised questions about its genuineness. We have come forward to answer your question, is Bobslot scam?

Almost every website, old or new, handles a social media page in today’s time and age. It is an important factor to frame a good image of itself and influence the users to consider its products or services. Blobslot has no social media handles which for obvious reasons questions its legitimacy. 

It’s not just about social media, even its website does not have much information about it. There are no reviews by any customer for the purchases made by them.

The address and email are absent. Also, they do not ask for many documents which are necessary to make purchases with authentic companies.


From our end, we researched a lot but couldn’t find many reliable reviews. Considering all these things we have concluded that the Blobslot Scam is something for real. We do not suggest you trust the website, instead, you can buy from other trustworthy sites or can buy vehicles offline.

What are the Bobslot reviews by its users?

Trusted, one of the most reliable sites to check the legitimacy of different sites, doesn’t mark it as genuine. 0% of the users have recommended it. The total vote percentage is shared by 2 stars and 1star. 

One of the users said that he had asked for the information of one of the vehicles they have enlisted on their site, but he received no responses from them. The single contact detail provided by the website which is the contact number also stands under suspicion as one of the users has questioned it.


Bobslot does not have any physical locations. How can we trust a company that has no record of any reviews or contact details? Many people on the internet have reported Bobslot Scam.

Therefore, going by all these findings it is quite clear that the website is a fraud. Save yourself from getting scammed!


In today’s time, when almost everyone relies on the internet and social media to gain information about anything, Bobslot has failed to establish itself as an authentic website in the eyes of people because of negligible information available about it.

Although, they are not new, their legitimacy is questioned because of their least engagement. There is not much information available. Hope we were successful in providing you with satisfactory information and reading the article added to your research. Do share your thought and finding about Bolbslot Scam.

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