How to Make Apps Download Faster on Your Devices


Slow internet downloads are not only time-consuming but annoying as well. Many factors could lead to slow app downloads, and identifying the main cause is rather challenging. If you find it difficult to understand how to make apps download faster, keep reading this post. Here, you will find several ways to speed up the downloading process of the app.

Use Cellular Data

To make the app downloading quick, there are certain things that you need to ensure. Try downloading another app to find out whether the problem is with a specific app or the internet. If the WiFi connectivity is a problem, use your cellular network for downloading. Ensure the downloading speed is updated. Or reboot your device and also reboot your wireless router. Make sure the WiFi settings are appropriate to tweak them for better functioning.

Scan for Viruses and Bugs


Sometimes the app download might be slow or delayed because of the malware. When malware penetrates the phone system, it could affect the downloading speed. Scan your phone for malware or bugs, and then restart your phone to remove them. If it doesn’t solve the issue, factory reset your phone. Note that while resetting your phone, you will lose data. So, back up all data and settings.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Although the process takes time, you should manually update apps on iPhone and other devices as automatic updates can be more consistent and consume internet data, making other downloads slower. Sometimes, restoring an already downloaded app causes a slow downloading speed. So, to improve the speed after a restore, go to Settings, tap on Your Device Name, and then click iTunes & App Store. Turn off the Automatic Downloads option.

Restart Your iPhone


If you are an iPhone user and dealing with the problem of slow app downloading, you could try restarting your phone. Software glitches could become an obstacle by hanging up your iPhone. To get rid of these glitches, figure out if you have so many apps running simultaneously and then restart your iPhone. How you would restart the iPhone is based on the version you are using.

Control Download Speed

To download the app faster, choose the app you want while multiple applications are downloading at the same time. Click on the downloading program icon to get the 3D touch menu. If you don’t get this option, simply hold your finger on the icon on your device. Then, select Prioritize Downloads. This will speed up your internet connection while downloading certain apps on the iPhone.

Remove Unnecessary Apps


Do you know that using multiple devices at the same time can affect the downloading speed? Yes, just like several devices, running multiple applications can affect the speed. So, find out which apps are useful and which ones you no longer need. Disable the apps that you don’t want to use further and consume too much bandwidth. Make sure to disable the app temporarily and then check if it works or not.

Enable Google’s App Install Optimization

This is a default Play Store feature enabled on all Android devices. It makes app installation faster by crowdsourcing data on the app section mostly used by users after installation. When this feature is rolled out to your device, it will give a pop-up on first opening the Play Store. To verify whether this feature is enabled on your device or not, open the Play Store app and click your profile photo. Choose Settings and ensure this feature is turned on.

Replace Router or Modem


Test your WiFi devices to check if they are at fault, and replace them with a high-speed router and modem. Try to restart the router when the speed becomes too low. If it does not provide any solution, get it replaced. You can also try to connect your phone next to the router to figure out whether the download speed increases or decreases. The router’s location can also impact the download speed. So, try moving it to a place closer to the busiest spot.   

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

The downloading speed depends on the internet speed. The higher the internet connection speed is, the faster app downloading will go. The download time of mobile apps is mostly affected by the internet bandwidth. Another possibility is that the website from which you are downloading the app is overloaded with huge traffic. So, check your internet bandwidth, download the file in smaller parts, or try using different browsers.  

The Conclusion

With all these tips, you don’t need to worry about how to make apps download faster. When you download apps, you want them to download instantly. There are multiple possible reasons why apps are downloading slowly. Some of them include router issues, flaky DNS servers, software glitches, network issues, no internet data, and more. Free up some space, or try restarting your device.

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