Boom Boom Rewards Legit


Is boom boom rewards legit? This article will inform you about what the boom rewards are, why these are important to you, customer reviews, and a legit section of the company in detail.

Nowadays, getting a fake call, an email saying that you win a lottery, car, and house becomes popular scams day by day in the United States. Most people won’t realize that it is a scam because they ask you to pay the money but won’t ask your bank details to trust them easily. But if you do so, you will lose your money and won’t win any prize.

What are boom rewards? 

It is a customer loyalty and Cashback reward program that is getting popularity across the countries. You can earn gift cards by just doing the surveys online, and in return, you will get the coins and Cashback.


This program was operated by Boom rewards LLC in the United States, creating these types of innovative programs for businesses, unions, Large companies, Small and medium businesses, Professional associations, Unions, and social clubs. This program has attracted 500 fortune brands across the countries where customers are getting many discounts and offers on loyalty programs.

By reading the full article, we check if boom boom rewards legit?


  • Website URL: Boomgroup(dot)com
  • Email address:  info(at)boomgroup(dot)com
  • Contact address: 1, 3617 Blackburn Road SE
  • Calgary, AB, Canada, T2G 4A3
  • Contact number:  403.441.8800
  • The product offers: Provide reward programs.


  • Halliburton,
  • Cenovus Energy,
  • Nova chemicals.

Why are reward programs important?

  • It helps in building loyalty,
  • Create a sense of belonging,
  • You will receive support retention,
  • Drive recruitment advantage,
  • Boosts engagement.

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How can you choose the reward program?

Try to make it very simple and easy: If you make rewards programs easy and simple, more people will be interested in joining the reward loyalty program with you. 


To make it simple and clear, use the following tips:

  • Ensure to make simple registration,
  • Desktop and mobile access should be provided for reward programs.
  • ·Provide weekly and monthly magazines for reward programs.                                          
  • Motivate the member with online and offline offers.
  • Provide support: You should provide 100% support to your members to engage in reward programs.

You can take off certain things among the members of the group:

  • Provide clear communication,
  • Give support towards administration,
  • Try to coordinate with the surveys done by members,
  • Try to answer all inquiries politely.
  • By giving unique value to members: You should realize that every member is unique and try to provide the benefits that are not available to non-members.
  • Offer for everyone: Every member in the group have different taste, style, needs, wants and desire. Try to find their values and provide every member something valuable like food, beverage, electronics, hotel rooms, accessories, and clothing that motivate them to participate in the reward programs.
  • Promote your program: Think differently to promote your programs like you can promote through the internet, newspaper, posters, social media channels, and many more.


  • It can be easily measurable,
  • It is easy to use,
  • Affordable.

How can you use boom rewards membership?

There are plenty of ways to use boom membership. Let’s quickly check out the steps which are mentioned below:

  • You can visit the location of the boom.
  • You can visit online through the booming app and enter the code. You have to go to the card option.
  • By calling option.

If still, you face any issue regarding reward programs, contact or either mail to customer care.

Is boom boom rewards legit?

As per our comprehensive research on the internet, we found that the company is not legit. 

Just check out the mentioned points, which indicate that the company is not the legit one.

  • The trust index of the company is terrible, i.e., 1% only.
  • The company has social media presence only on Facebook, and there are very likes and comments on this page.
  • The customers are not much satisfied with this company’s reward programs.

If we look up the above points, we can conclude that the website is not legit for generating the rewards programs; it is just a trap to gain your personal information.

Users Reviews


Is boom boom rewards legit? We checked the user’s reviews on the internet, and we have found negative reviews from the users.

Stephen Eaglin said, “It is a scam one and there are no surveys and ask your bank information before doing any procedure and finally you will be lost your money.”

Vicki said, “I had received one call saying that you have won iPhone and you need to pay $1 to receive it. I have lost money from my account.”


Customer reviewsYes
Social media presenceYes
Trust score1%
SSL EncryptionYes

Is boom boom rewards legit? Hopefully, you will get an overall idea of this question. If still, you have any queries, then comment us in the comment section.

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