Levoit Air Purifier Reviews


The user gives Levoit air purifier reviews, and in this article, we will clear your doubts about what this product does? What are the specifications, whether or not you should buy it? With the increasing pollution day by day, it’s risky to breathe in such toxic air. People with lung disorders tend to suffer much more because of the toxic gases emitted into the air. 

In the United States, air purifiers are trending, and so is the whole world. The air purifier can be beneficial for breathing disease patients and effective for normal humans too. The world has lost its purification because of the increase in global warming, burning forests, etc. In this article, we will treat you to the best solution to stay fit and fast. Without delay, let’s move on. 

What is Levoit air purifier?


Levoit air purifier is an air purifier with a cylindrical shape that can move 360 degrees to suck poisonous air and emit pure air. The cleaner has a 3in1 complementary filter. The product can clean up to 210 sq ft room over five times. 

It’s a noise-free cleaner that gives a peaceful environment with fresh air. The cleanser was designed in Southern California as the primary concern of southern California was a forest fire. The purifier provides excellent coverage, and Levoit air purifier reviews are excellent.


The filter in the purifier removes 99.90% of airborne particles, preventing complete freshness to the environment—the efficiency of the product is high, which is a good sign.

The product is noise-free. The user can sleep with peace as it doesn’t make any sound and quietly completes its work. And the sleep is undisturbed with this great product. 

Types of Levoit air purifiers


There are six types of Levoit air purifiers available in the market. Based on Levoit air purifiers reviews, new stock is ready with the company. 

  • VITAL 100
  • LV-H128
  • LV-H132
  • CORE 300
  • CORE 200S


  • Country of origin – China
  • Manufacturers – Levoit
  • Control method – touch
  • Noise level – 25 DB
  • Address – not found
  • Website – www.levoit.com 
  • Email- support(at)levoit (dot)com
  • Contact- 8887268520
  • Delivery – FedEx, ups, DHL and USPS
  • Mode of payment – Mastercard, Visa, PayPal
  • Shipping- In the United States and Canada, and Europe
  • Warranty- 1 year


  • 3 in 1 complementary filter
  • Ozone free atmosphere 
  • Compact size
  • Portable to use
  • Elegant design
  • Maintenance is deficient
  • Colour options available 
  • Good Levoit air purifiers reviewed by the users
  • Electricity savings available 


  • Few parts inside the purifier are not washable
  • Odor in the room is not removed
  • Quite expensive 

Is Levoit air purifier legit? 

As per our research, we assure you this is a legitimate website with millions of customers: 

  • The trust score is found considerable, which makes the site trustworthy. The Levoit air purifier reviews are satisfactory. 
  • The social media endorsement is relatively high, which helps in gaining the customer. 
  • The website is present on almost all famous social platforms, which highlights being the legitimate platform. No scam or fraud has been reported yet. 

The Levoit air purifier reviews 

  • The purifier has got 4.6 stars out of 5, which is quite a significant number that marks the product’s authenticity and effectiveness. 
  • Some good reviews state that this purifier is a blessing in disguise, while some claim that it hardly functions and works as an exhaust fan. 
  • The customer also shows love on their social media platform about this product which makes it worth buying. 
  • Plenty of people are showing keen interest in purchasing it. Customer traffic is also on-trend, which means people are showing great interest in it. 



We conclude our article with thorough research and analysis. The Levoit air purifier reviews are pretty good; hence we recommend the product. The product is easy to use and portable. 

It is safe for kids as well as pets. This article must have solved your query by now, and the article must have cleared your doubts. 

Trust score100
Social media presenceYes
SSL encryptedVerified
Customer reviewsYes

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