Buxblast.com withdraw Robux [feb 2024]


Hurry up! If you want to earn Robux with a trendy platform, i.e., Buxblast.com withdraw Robux. Have you believed in a third-party site that promises you to give free Robux?

In the United States, people are fond of Robux games, and they tried to generate more Robux by going through many websites. But it is necessary to check the website’s legitimacy. Otherwise, it may be harmful to you. Let’s check this new platform in detail.

About Buxblast.com withdraw Robux:

It is an online website that claims to provide you free Robux. It promises you to give coins, items if you enter your username and the Robux amount. These websites promise you to provide the free Robux by just giving the human verification. In this case, you have to do some surveys, download an app, fill the questionnaire, etc. 

You can use this website on your mobile also across the countries, including the United States. If you use it on mobile, you will get more offers. But it doesn’t mean that desktop users cannot use this website. They can also use the website and do surveys.

The process to claim money from this website:

  • If you want to claim the money from this website, you need to press the “withdraw” option. 
  • It will help to reflect the total balance which you have earned after completing the surveys. 
  • You have to select the claim reward option then you will be automatically joining the group.

Referrals option on this website:


If you refer anyone, there is a percentage of earnings given to you. For example, if you refer your friend and have completed the offer, you will receive % of whatever amount the offer was worth. The referral percentage is 10%.

Suppose if your friend $500 offer, then you will get $50 to your withdrawal box.

Important things to know:

Before going to a third-party website other than the Roblox website, you should take care of certain things which we have mentioned below:

· Do not provide your password to any third-party website for earning Robux.


· Do not share your password with anyone.

· Never go the suspicious websites.

Pros of Buxblast:

· It uses the secured HTTPS connection.

· Reviews are positive for this website.

· The website was 2 years old; it was created in the year 2019.

 Cons of Buxblast:


· The website failed to generate traffic on the internet.

· The owner of the website is tried to hide the identity of whois.

Is the website legit?

Have you checked the website legitimacy before going through any website? The website claims that it is 100% legitimate. Before doing the survey, you should make sure about certain things like check the description offer, app downloaded, completing the survey, etc.

We searched through the internet, but we have not found any reviews, social presence, or Alexa rating of 1,698,580. On this basis, we won’t consider it as the legit one.

Users reviews about the website:


It is necessary to check the user’s reviews for Buxblast.com withdraw Robux. We have investigated over the internet, and we have found that the website is two years old. Still, it failed to create the traffic, no social media presence, which is today’s era demand, no rating given by the customers. 

These are points that indicate that the customer did not trust this website. We recommend you to go for another option.

Did the website ask for your personal information?

No, it won’t ask you to enter personal details. It does not require your password. Your work is to enter the username and complete some surveys to earn money. It is a very quiet simple, and easy process. You have to provide the mobile number for downloading the apps.


Overall, we can say that it is good to earn Robux on another platform. But you should be very cautious about sharing your details. Yet Buxblast won’t ask you to give personal information, but due to the absence of rating, customer’s reviews we won’t recommend you this website. Your time and energy will be wasted on this website. So it is better to stay away from it.

What was your experience with Buxblast.com withdraw Robux? Please do write us in the comment box. 

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