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Today we will review whether it is flashrewards.co legit or a scam? Earning money by doing no physical chores is loved by all, especially if you need to provide little personal information. 

Many online sites based in the United States provide freebies, coupons, cashback for promoting their website, completing a few tasks, or providing personal information. Even though many of these sites may be legitimate, there is a chance that some of them might scam you into believing the wrong information.

What is flashrewards.co?


Flashreward.co is a website that lets you win cash, gift cards, and coupons from your favorite brand after you complete a simple few tasks. To get started, you need to enter some basic information and answer survey questions to win rewards. 

A few deals need to be completed to redeem the awards, which can be done within 24 hours, and you are a step towards winning. Does all of this sound too good to be accurate, and wondering whether is flashrewards.co legit? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.


  • Contact Address – They are based in the United States and do not have any specific contact address mentioned on the website. 
  • Customer Care Number – There is no customer care number provided on the website.
  • Email Address – This information has not been provided on their website.
  • Payment Method – This is a free website where there is no subscription fee. Users are given rewards on completion of tasks for them.
  • Category of the Website – They offers rewards such as Amazon gift card, eBay gift card, Walmart gift card, and VISA gift card all worth 100 dollars on completion of a few deals/tasks provided by them.
  • Delivery Time – Once the user submits the deal and puts in details to claim the reward, it typically takes the customer service a few weeks to verify and deliver the rewards.
  • Return of Product – There is no such option on the website.
  • Method of Delivery – They give rewards as coupons to various brands where they can be redeemed for their mentioned price.

Pros of flashrewards.co

  • It is a free website with no subscription fee
  • They give rewards to users for the completion of simple tasks.
  • Users can download and play free online games and discover the best entertainment service on their website.
  • Users can win coupons worth 100 dollars to many brands.
  • Deals can be completed within 24 hours.

Cons of flashrewards.co

  • Users need to provide personal information
  • No contact address, email address, or customer care number is provided on the website.
  • To complete a few deals, a purchase of the product may be required.
  • It is available for users living within the United States itself.

Is flashrewards.co legit or not?


We did thorough research on their entire website and their social media handles. After exploring the extensive network on the website, we were disappointed not to find any contact information or customer care number. The website asks for the personal data of users but is extremely concealed with their information itself. 

They have no guidelines mentioned on how they protect the user information and the consequences if they fail to do so. This makes us question their legitimacy. 

What are the flashrewards.co Review by the customer?


We read various responses on the reviews section on their website and various other sites and social media platforms from the customers who have availed of their services in the past. The users have given a very negative response. They stated that the rewards were usually much less than what they claimed. Some users also ranted about receiving no rewards at all. 

There has not been a single user who reported using the coupons for any of the mentioned brands on their website. The customer services were rated to be very rude and unresponsive to user grievances. Even though there were a few positive responses on their Facebook page, we cannot trust their authenticity. Finding positive reviews for the website on some other legitimate platform was like finding a needle in the haystack, and this ambiguity makes us wonder that whether is flashrewards.co legit?



Even though they have been in existence for some time now, they have failed immensely to make a positive impression and deliver what they profess. Asking for user’s personal information is the biggest alert for everyone to distance themselves from the website. 

The customers who did take the risk and completed the tasks were left unsatisfied even further when they failed to receive rewards. Due to such negative responses, we do not suggest an affiliation with the site. We would recommend doing a thorough examination at your end before making any other decision. 

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