How to cancel Blink membership | Zero Cancellation Charge (2022)


How to cancel blink membership? Here are the steps to cancel the membership without any cancellation charges. Please read the below instructions.

Many people have been attracted to different fitness regimes and programs recently. The fitness industry is increasing, and new brands and names ate blooming constantly. There are other choices available. That’s why people often get confused about varieties.


Now, the most common question which strikes our mind is whether it is possible to cancel the membership or not and, if possible, shat is the procedure. We got tons of information regarding blink and its policy. Let’s move forward and unveils everything.

About blink

This online fitness regime solution offers both online and offline facilities. They have more than 90 outlets in different locations. You can try their additional offers throughout the year (for new members). They offer a free trial. Also, a special discount is available for the first membership buying. They also provide video classes and on-demand video services. 

They offer two different kinds of training one is personal training, and another is virtual fitness. One can join any program according to their preferences. They also have their official merchandise and shop to buy different fitness-related things. 

How to get a membership of blink?


Here are the updated methods to get a blink membership, also below that we have also described on how to cancel blink membership:

  • Go to the website of I blink.
  • When the portal opens, you can see two options available: one for login and another for new user registration.
  • Click on register. A list will appear in front of you.
  • Now you have to fill in all essential information regarding your details.
  • Also, you must put the member barcode or a unique ID you get at the time of purchase through email.
  • Now click on register to confirm everything and get yourself registered.

How many types of membership blink offers?

Apart from how to cancel blink membership, some exciting details are available. The company offers a variety of membership plans for its customers. There are four different types available. Which are,

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Green

Blue membership plan

With this membership, one can access any outlet of blink but not the lower Manhattan area. Membership in this category has a fixed time limit of 1 year. After the period, one can cancel their membership at any time. Do remember if someone has to cancel the membership and pay a fee.

Orange membership plan


In this plan, one can choose their location as per their preference and also select their facilities. Here also, members found a time boundary of a year. After one year, you can cancel your membership, and the membership plan becomes a month-to-month membership.

Green membership plan 

Green allows access to all locations without restrictions, but the tenure of the membership is one year long. After that one year, one can cancel their membership. But if someone tries to cancel the membership before one year, they must pay a fee.

Gray membership plan

This monthly membership allows you to cancel any time without any issues but has to provide notice of forty to thirty-five days prior.

How to cancel blink membership?


The method of cancelation is straightforward. One can visit any office desk to cancel their membership, but there is also a convenient way to cancel it: through the online portal. We shared the detailed process below:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of I blink 
  • Secondly, Log into your account.
  • Thirdly, click on the billing option.
  • Now, you will see a cancel my membership option available there.
  • Click on the tab and confirm it to cancel successfully.


Hopefully, the steps to cancel blink membership is mentioned above, which will take 2 minutes. It is a straightforward process to do, as we mentioned above. Every membership comes with its term and conditions.

Apart from Gray membership, all other members’ tenure is one year. And if you cancel before, you must pay a fee. Also, before withdrawing, you must give the forty to thirty-five days’ early notice.

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