Is the original Griffins website legit? | Honest Review (2022)


Is the original griffins website legit? We have collected some data which will clear your query. Also, read the user reviews section to know the website’s legitimacy.

 Griffin biscuit is your stop to enjoy the best-baked goods with different recipes and flavors. The brand has been working for the last 150 years, and they make the most delicious and yummy combos with marshmallows.


People in the United States love to enjoy baked delicacies like cookies and biscuits. Griffin has become the best company in New Zealand to provide their bikkies. Do you want to find out more about the quality of this brand? Read further to get enlightened with all details.

What is griffin?

The company is based in New Zealand to serve the people the best-baked biscuits for the last 150 years. They have a large variety to choose from. John Griffin started this company in 1890, and since he has made it a tradition to delight the people with the extraordinary taste of his baking talent.


The company is constantly working on providing new textures, products, biscuits, and exclusive combinations of flavors. John was the first to dream of using jam and chocolate as a topping on a biscuit. His company and co-workers did not give up even during the two world wars and several fires in his manufacturing units. 

The company still stands strong and is a prominent brand among the people. Continue reading to know more about The original griffins website legit?


  • Email: No email is present, but you can register all your queries and problems on the website by filling out an application form.
  • Contact number: (0800 474334)
  • Address: Absent
  • Type of website: The website shares all the information about the company and products available from the brand. But they do not sell any product directly from the source. You can find their products on other e-commerce.


  • The product is available on various e-commerces to purchase.
  • They have received good reviews from the customer.
  • The brand deals with a variety of baked goods for all age categories.


  • The official website does not sell any product directly from the source.
  • Some negative reviews on open sources mentioned that the Griffin biscuits were stale.

Is the original griffins website legit?

The official platform does not deal with any product but has information regarding all the items and the brand. You can find their products on e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Some points that will help you recognize Is the original griffins website legit?

  • Brand age: The brand got established 150 years ago.
  • Trust Score of Website: It has a good trust score and many trusted customers.
  • Contact details- The website is provided proper contact details with good customer care service. You can contact any of their officials through the contact number provided above.
  • Website Originality: All the products and other services available on the platform are legit. We read their policies and conditions but did not find any vague terms that could make us doubt their legitimacy.
  • Reviews: The brand has received many positive reviews and a good rating on various open sources.
  • Social media: The official website of this brand has given a Facebook link that redirects you to their handle.

After a thorough analysis of the whole website, we are confident about the legitimacy of this brand.

What are the user reviews on Griffins website?

To find Is the original griffins website legit? We analyzed numerous reviews and received a customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars on open sources. The people of the United States love the taste and flavors available from this brand. 


They try out the new varieties of marshmallow-filled cookies and other products. It is one of the most prestigious and premium biscuit brands in Newzealand.

We also read some negative reviews that mentioned the biscuits are not worth the price. Some of them found stale cookies in the packages. Most people were satisfied with their purchase and became a fan of their bikkies.


Concluding, with the original griffins website legitimacy, we have analyzed all prospects. We failed to find any fishy terms and policies. It is an authentic brand, and you can avail of their products worldwide through different e-commerces.

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