Ccspayment Scam – What is Hidden From You? [Feb 2024]


Ccspayment scam or a legit? Find out all your answer in this post. In our lifetimes, we will all face a period of financial hardship. Nobody is immune to debt, whether it’s lingering school loans or large credit card debt. Financial trouble can strike even the wealthiest people.

What happens if you are unable to pay your original creditor the amount you owe? In most cases, the debt is turned over to a debt collection agency. Credit Collection Services (CCS), located at, is a debt collection agency. They’re probably on your credit report as a ‘collections’ account. This usually happens when you forget to pay a bill.

Your credit score will suffer if you have a collection on your credit record (unless removed). They are a medium-sized collection agency in the United States, having been started in 1969 in Delaware and now based in Norwood, MA. 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062, is their mailing address.

Let’s know in this article, Ccspayment scam or not?

What is Credit Collection Service (CCS)?


Credit Collecting Service is a significant debt collection organization that purchases consumer debt from large businesses. They’re based in Massachusetts and are one of the country’s largest debt collecting firms. Banking, healthcare, retail, finance, and telecommunications are just a few of the industries where CSS collects debt. 

The most frightening aspect of Credit Collection Services is that they may approach you under a different name. If you glance at your phone and see the words Credit Control Services or something similar to credit and debit, it’s probably CSS.

When you get your credit report will say:

CCS USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting:

  • Credit Control Services (CCS) has issued a notice.
  • Payments made through the CCS
  • Collections of the Center for Creative Studies
  • Credit Collection Offices at CCS Standardized Version
  • Control System
  • CCSpay is a service provided by CCS.
  • You owe some debt if Credit Collection Services contacts you.

When you receive this letter, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. “What investments have I made recently, or how much money have I borrowed from Credit Collection Services?” ask yourself.


Please continue reading the post to know more about whether it is a ccspayment scam.

Is Ccspayment Service is a scam or not?

In a nutshell, according to the Better Business Bureau, Credit Collection Services is a real organization with legitimate business procedures. CCS, on the other hand, has a long history of BBB complaints. False claims to incorrect collections are among the complaints.

Their website also emphasizes their support for important causes and movements. CCS supports breast cancer awareness, the green effort, and veteran and military families to strengthen their credibility further. CCS, on the other hand, has a valid address. 725 Canton Street in Norwood, Massachusetts, is their address.

How does Ccspayment Services Work?

Credit Collection Services will purchase debt from a creditor and pursue collection aggressively. Alternatively, another business may use CCS to recover debt from customers on their behalf.


CCS uses aggressive techniques and oppression tactics to get you, the consumer, to pay them money. They’ll call you, send you letters, and, in certain situations, threaten you with financial penalties if you

don’t up.

How to Remove Ccspayment Service Amount?

But you must dispute the debt on your report. Whether you request debt validation, hire a credit repair agency, negotiate a pay-for-delete, or ask for a goodwill deletion, it requires work on your end.

Pick a strategy with the highest chance of success and give it a try. From our experience, working with a credit repair company yields phenomenal results and is a sure-shot way to remove Credit Collection Services from your credit report.


However, the debt on your report must be disputed. Whether you request debt validation, employ a credit restoration service, negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement, or request a goodwill deletion, you must put forth the effort.

Choose the approach that has the best likelihood of succeeding and implement it. Working with a credit repair organization, in our experience, produces outstanding results and is a surefire approach to get Credit Collection Services removed from your credit report.


If Credit Collection Services contacts you, we strongly advise you to deal with them as soon as possible. To know more about ccspayment scam, services, etc., read this article.

You understand whether or not the responsibility is yours. Force them to remove it from your credit report if it isn’t. However, if this is the case, attempt to reduce the debt. If things get too convoluted, hire a credit lawyer.

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  1. All State Auto Ins is a scam.I sent the company a notice that I had decided to switch to Geico because I never liked All State way of business, after series of complaints. All State was well informed of this through an email written and signed by both Geico and I.This was February 2021. That February, All State debited my account $191.00 as my premium payment for that month. March1, 2021, despite my switching to Geico , All State debited my account again $191.49. Geico also debited me with a new premium of $178.68 making it a double charge. The record is there for everyone to see and verify. All State should refund $191.00 March. I am not owing All State even a dime.The company is a fraud.

  2. I used Allstate insurance for my truck for only libilaty, and the only reason I used them was because they let me pick out my due date to be withdrawn from my bank. Well I only get one check a month and when they chose to try to withdraw my payment a week early then it not only didn’t get paid they charged me a late fee and it was not late so I canceled them. First of all I paid 75.00 for deposit I guess it was. But then they took out again from my bank. First from my hand then from my bank. So I will not pay them. They need to refund my money. This has messed up my bills at bank so bad. Now I have ccs threading me to put this on my creadit report. I’ve work almost a year trying to get my credit score up but now they are going to hit me with a hard hit. I called ccs and they put me on hold I waited and then it hung up. 2 times I did this. I’m done. Hit me with your best shot. BUT I WILL NOT PAY THAT IT WAS ALSTSTES DOING NOT MINE.


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