Is Gopuff Legit


Is Gopuff legit or not? Get all your answer in this informative post. Tired of going to the grocery stores weekly? Do you ever get that disappointment when you walk downstairs to the fridge door and find all your midnight snacks are over? Gopuff is the answer for you– making the essentials deliverable online. 

Gopuff is a website registered in the United States in over 550+ cities. “Groceries made online” is a concept going on for a few years now. Some websites claim to have products and take your payments but leave you with no food and a penny less. 


The battle between authentic vs. subpar products is won when viewers carefully judge a website for its product. And sometimes, it isn’t easy to gauge a correct judgment. That’s where this article comes into play. The analysis about the same is given below.

What is Gopuff?

It is an online grocery website that allows you to pick from various categories such as dairy, snacks, cleaning essentials, stationery, baby and pet items, health and beauty, and even alcohol and smoke-related products. From the glance of it, appears as though Gopuff has almost everything required in our daily lives.

Currently, they have a credit service going on, which allows you up to 20$, i.e., 10$ each per order. Their quick meal section has exciting choices to pick from. It has a wide range of frozen pizza, ramen noodles, pasta, frozen snacks, and easy meals. Perfect for a lazy dinner or rushed morning. 


Lets discuss more it and its related stats to verify it is Gopuff legit?


  • Contact Address– Gopuff stores are in over 550+ cities of the United States
  • Customer Care Number– 1-855-400-7833
  • Email Address–
  • Payment Method– Payment can be made through all kinds of cards.
  • Category of Website– They cover 2500+ products in snacks, alcohol, drinks, grocery, ice-cream, quick meals, bath and beauty, health, stationery, cleaning, baby and pet supplies at each of their stores.
  • Delivery Time– within 30 minutes.
  • Return of the Product– NA
  • Method of Delivery– Drivers pick from your nearest stores and deliver to you.
  • Delivery Charge– $1.95 flat.

Pros of Gopuff

  • They have a faster delivery service, ensuring that each product gets delivered within 30 minutes.
  • The categories are broad, which will allow the customer to get a variety of products from the same website.
  • The products offered are of premium range; therefore, no compromise has been made on the quality.
  • Things like alcohol and cigarettes are also available at your doorstep within minutes.
  • Gopuff charges no surge pricing. The delivery fee remains the same irrespective of the conditions.
  • They have credit facilities up to $20.
  • They’ve acquired a significant market and are available in almost every city in the United States.
  • The availability of OTC medicines is always an advantage. Getting medicine delivered in emergencies makes it easier for people who are living alone.
  • They’ve 14 days of free delivery going on currently. Also, they have a point system wherein each of your purchases earns you points. These points help you to get a discount on the next order.

Cons of Gopuff

  • The minimum order value is $5. So you can’t place the order if you want something below the amount. This makes it compulsory for you to spend $5 every time you order.
  • There is no specific address for contact other than their store address.

Is Gopuff legit or not?

After analyzing the website from all corners and spaces, we’ve come to a deciding point. The website’s social media is verified and possesses a blue tick. It has an encrypted domain and its privacy policy is reassuring. They’ve mentioned explicitly that they don’t share personal information regarding the order or contact details with any third party. So to answer the question “is Gopuff legit or not” would be a strong yes.


The website was created about 7 years ago by two sophomores at Drexel University. So, according to our reviews, it looks pretty secure.

What are the customer reviews for Gopuff?

They’ve showcased their customer reviews right on top of their homepage. They’re a proud brand boasting high customer satisfaction. But when we looked deeper into other websites for their reviews, we found that the delivery time is not always 30mins. 

They’ve known to delay the order by 2 hours. Other than their website, not a lot of good reviews were found. They were moderately okay and, on average, were rated around 3 stars on almost every website.



Gopuff has tried bringing together almost everything on the grocery store aisles in one domain. The reach is widespread but the efficiency of delivery might be degrading. Like any other delivery service, they try to get the product to their customer as fast as possible. 

As far as the quality is concerned, they have that intact. Their presence for seven years has made it a trusted go-to for a lot of their loyal customers.

This was our take on Gopuff. Do let us know in the comments section if you agree with it or have anything to add to it to help other customers.

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