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Custom fitted luxury clothing has always been people’s favorite item, despite the high prices. These designer items have always been a symbol of status and wealth—women and men from all around the world dream of owning these luxury products. Even though the market for these products is very niche, these luxury brands are very well known. Out of them, all the fashionistas have at least once heard of the brand Coco Chanel in their life. It has gained an immense amount of popularity ever since its establishment. It is mainly based in the United States, but its stores are spread all across the world. In this article, we will take give you a detailed description of the fashion house Chanel. US – A Brief Description 


Their mission is to be the Ultimate House of Luxury, redesigning the women’s fashion industry. They are known for their top-most-quality products along with great services. And as their tagline says- every woman does love Coco Chanel.

Chanel is an haute couture luxury brand specializing in the sale of clothing, skincare, cosmetics, accessories, perfumes, and jewelry. Chanel is founded by Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel, a fashion designer who remodeled the women’s fashion industry in 1910. Now it is currently owned and run by the Wertheimer brothers in the United States. 


Now, let’s look more into the luxury fashion home Chanel.


  • Domain Name: 
  • Company Name: Chanel.
  • Owned By: Alain Wertheimer (CEO) & Gerard Wertheimer.
  • Net Worth: $9 Billion. 
  • Products offered: Haute couture, women’s accessories, clothing, skincare, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes.
  • The number of stores: 310, United States: 23.
  • Contact number: +1 (800) 550-0005.
  • Company Head Quarters: New York, US.
  • Return & Refund Policy: the products can be returned at no extra cost within 14 days from receiving the product. The refund will be initiated once the product is inspected. 


  • Designer Products.
  • Symbol of wealth.
  • Extremely popular.
  • Exclusive collection of haute couture.
  • Top-quality items.
  • Very present on all the social networking sites.


  • Extremely pricey.
  • Not many designs.
  • Not available everywhere.

Is Chanel legit?

This is, in fact, a very straightforward question. Yes, Chanel is very legit. It is an extremely popular brand that has been in existence for more than a century. The products are very exclusive and are often only for the elite. The prices are very high as Chanel is a designer brand that offers custom-made clothes. 

The quality of its product is a very remarkable feature of this brand. The material used for their clothes is very authentic. The jewelry consists of real yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and real stones like diamonds. The prices are much higher than the product’s cost, which is mainly due to the brand image that Chanel carries. 


The skincare and cosmetic line owned by Chanel is also very known for its effective working. However, the most famous line of Chanel is their perfume line. Their perfume line serves both men and women and is very famous. They are known for their distinct fragrances. They can all be bought online from Chanel com US.

What are the user’s opinions on Chanel?

The reviews for USare both positive and negative. Almost all the users have claimed that they are very satisfied with the products they have purchased. They said that the items are very durable, and the quality is also great.


However, some people opined that they received damaged products when they ordered online, and they were unable to reach Chanel to get a replacement. Despite a few critical reviews, Chanel had earned 5th rank in the luxury products ranking.


Despite being extremely overpriced, Chanel has managed to earn a large crowd of loyal customers. Their customers range from celebrities to commoners. They have been a very profitable company that has been operating ever since 1910. So, if you want to spend money on luxury items, you must consider Chanel an option, as their products are of great quality.

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