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What if you could earn free Robux by paying no money with Robux no verification claim by just participating in a few surveys? We are here to review whether these claims are legit or a scam?

Many online sites based in the United States claim to provide such services on their website, and usually, such platforms are kept under the dubious radar and should not be dealt with. But we should not form any conclusion without some detailed research, specifically what this article will help you with.

What is

Roblox is an online website that is here to aid the requirements of free Robux for Roblox game members. It is a platform that professes to generate free Robux for the members to add to their accounts without verification. A striking quantity of Roblox users has resorted to the platform to try their fortune on obtaining Robux. Robux is a digital currency for the in-game purchases of exciting equipment and accessories for updating the avatar. 


Instead of paying genuine cash for obtaining Robux, such platforms produce free options to acquire them. But before handling any platform, we need to check whether the Robux no verification claim is legit for usage or not?

How to get free Robux from Robux

Follow these very simple steps mentioned below to get your free digital currency

  • Secure an active internet connection on your preferred device
  • Enter the website address and press enter.
  • Let the website load and follow the instructions mentioned there
  • Now, you need to click on the next button provided to claim your Robux.
  • Then you get various options for free Robux such as 400 Robux, 800 Robux, 4500 Robux, and many more to purchase and upgrade your avatar or buy special in-game abilities.
  • Select any number of free Robux you want and click on that.
  • Then, to confirm your selection, you need to provide the username.
  • After this, the username is verified in the next step.
  • After the verification, you need to complete a few tasks for Anti-Bot verification. Tasks may be very simple such as downloading a few apps etc.
  • Once you complete the tasks, your account gets verified, and you can claim the earned Robux.


Is Robux no verification claim legit or not?


We did thorough research on their entire website and other platforms; we failed to find any positive response about the website and its interests. The lack of which makes us doubt the authenticity of their claims. 

Websites such as these, which profess to provide free Robux, are usually placed under questionable lists and should not be dealt with. 

We tried to find more data to determine its trust score, but we failed due to the absence of authentic user reviews. All these circumstances make us doubt their legitimacy.

What is the Review by the user?


The website has provided no review section for the users to examine their previous records and accomplishments. When we read the acknowledgment of the users on open platforms concerning their services, the users have called such websites an outright scam. 

They have very explicitly declared their opinion that any website or platform with claims such as Robux no verification is a scam and should not be engaged with.

Several users informed others that they might lose their existing Robux in an adverse event if they pursue such sites.


One of the users stated that he went ahead and participated in all their surveys and completed the mentioned tasks to get free Robux, and he received nothing. The platform asked for his credit card information, and that raised a red flag for him, after which he quit the website immediately and warned others to make them aware of such frauds.


Such cynical responses based in the United States make us dubious about their authenticity and legitimacy. Hence we advise caution while associating with them. If you are looking to use their services, please present secondary account details to avoid getting scammed. If the secondary account can secure free Robux only, then continue with the primary account. Else you can lose their progress, pre-existing Robux to hackers. 

We also recommend doing a precise inspection at your end before making any other decision. Please do share your thoughts on this with us.

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