Coco Soul Hair And Scalp Cleanser Review


Willing to read a coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review? Pollution made our hair dry. To maintain our hair healthy, we need to moisturize our hair and scalp. The moisture hairs from damage and starts repairing as per requirements. One of the most effective products is a hair cleanser. Thousands of products are starting to launch on various platforms.

We are here to disclose all hidden details about this product. Hair care is an essential genre. Nowadays, there are thousands of products that fall under the same category. But there are always some different points available which distinguish this product from others. We will discuss coco soul from its initial stage and continue till its effect and honest life review to portray an accurate picture.

What are coco soul hair and scalp cleansers? 

From the name, you can understand that this is a hair cleansing product. Coco soul powers this product. It is applicable for both hair and scalp. Firstly, this brand is an Ayurvedic brand, and they believe in natural products. They are a 100% vegan company.


Now, we will take an inside view of coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review.

It contains a particular coconut fragrance that can lift your mood. The packaging of this product is quite impressive, and it comes in a transparent bottle. The material of the bottle is plastic. You can use this product from the pumping processor, which is attached to the bottle’s head.


  • Category: Hair Care product.
  • Type: cleanser.
  • Price: $10
  • Expire day: the date of manufacturing after two years.

What is the texture of this product?

To know a coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review, you have to be aware of all facts about it.

  • The base texture is gelly and greasy.
  • This product is shampoo-based.
  • This cleanser is hard on the creation of foam.
  • It carried a yellowish shade.

What is the special ingredient available on this cleanser?

Before getting into the Coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review



 check out the product ingredients. There are various products available in this one cleanser. We create a detailed statement to get a brief overview of this ingredient and its work.

Aqua  This is a liquid base water ingredient.
Cocoamphoacetate  It is a safe hair conditioning agent plus a great surfactant.
CocamidopropylBetaine  This is another surfactant that also conditions hair. According to EWG, CocamidopropylBetaine is a moderately hazardous component.
Sodium Methyl CocoylTaurate:  An absolutely safe surfactant indeed that is absolutely safe to use in shampoos and hair cleansers.  
Capryl Glucoside:  It seems that Coco Soul has used a number of surfactants as all of those are pretty mild in nature. This component is another surfactant which is mild and safe at the same time.  
Glycerine:  A safe and great humectant that has been used for ages.  
Acrylamidopropyltrimonium Chloride/Acrylamide Copolymer.This component is a safe hair fixative that is not much popular though. I am glad to see that Coco Soul has done quite research before launching their hair cleanser.  
CocosNucifera Oil or Virgin King Coconut Oil:  Enriched with tons of vitamins, fatty acids, and natural antioxidants, this oil is absolutely the purest form of coconut oil. It nourishes an ‘elixir’ which hydrates the scalp as well.  
PEG-150 PentaerythritylTetrastearate:  The functionality of this component includes emulsification and increasing the viscosity of the formulation. Basically, it thickens the formula.  
Phenoxyethanol and Parfum:  The first one is a moderately hazardous preservative and is widely popular too. I was taken aback to find perfume on the label. Moreover, as the nature of the perfumery substance is not disclosed too, then it can be anything.  
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil:  Derived from the Castor oil, this component is a moderately hazardous fragrance ingredient that is quite popular in the cosmetic industry.  
BHT or Butylated Hydroxytoluene:  This Toluene based component has multiple functionalities such as preservative, masking ingredient, antioxidant, etc.
CentellaAsiatica Extract:  A most potent and medicinal herb that helps to stimulate hair growth. The extract helps to purify the scalp and soothes itchy, flaky and dry scalp conditions. It also provides natural shine and makes the hair stronger.  

Is this product legit?

Before proceeding towards Coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review


let’s verify the product. According to our research work, this product is helpful. We portray some points as an essential matter to be aware of the actual picture:

  • We can consider it as a legit product with 78%.
  • Many online shopping websites are selling this portal on their website.
  • We found a ton of positive responses, and new influencers are presenting good reviews about this product.
  • This product has a well-designed site with valuable features like a news portal, social media portal, contact us section, and other crucial areas.

Coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review?

In our deep research on this product, we found several excellent and positive points on this product.

Stela said,

 “My scalp is oily, but still this product effect is visible clearly on my hair. All these products are suitable for all hair types.”


Katy said, 

“This product not only clears your scalp and hair but also moisturizes it.”


Trust score3.8/5
Social Media PresenceYes  
Customer reviewsYes 
SSL certificateYes 

Hopefully, the picture of this legitimate product is clear in your mind, and you get all the answers to your queries. You can use this product with your concerns.

If you want to share something on coco soul hair and scalp cleanser review, write it in the comment section to let us know from your side. 

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