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This article will highlight all the relevant details about keeps shampoo review. With the growing pollution and global warming, we are witnessing new cases of extreme hair loss; there are lots of products available in the market that claim to do wonders on the hair but are null and void. 

In the United States, the keeps shampoo is actually in demand and is loved by many users. Unlike another shampoo, it keeps doing what it claims. To know more about this product, read further. 

About “Keeps shampoo”?

It works on the treatment for hair fall. The website has a great range of hair fall and dandruff cure products in which the most talked-about product is ketoconazole shampoo and Keeps thickening shampoo.  We will also discuss keeps shampoo review.


We are very well aware of what ketoconazole does. It is the best shampoo for someone with excessive dandruff and a rough scalp. The other product from the same brand is “Keeps thickening shampoo” which can be used for treating hair fall. Let us get into the details of this shampoo.

  • 2% Ketoconazole Shampoo: This product can be used 2-3 times a week to cure dandruff, rough scalp, and flakiness. It can be used alternatively with keeps thickening shampoo for promoting hair growth and reducing dandruff.

Function– Cures dandruff.

How to use– It can be used 2-3 times per week. Let the product sit on the scalp for 5 minutes, massage gently, and rinse off.

  • Keeps thickening shampoo: By the name itself, we can make out that it promotes hair growth. The experts developed it to clean your hair follicles for the healthy development of new hair. 

Cost- $22 for 8 ounces

Function- Promotes the growth of new hair, keeps the hair follicle clean and healthy, helps in the thickening of the scalp. It is specially designed to grow hair to your scalp. If paired with a Keeps thickening conditioner, it is worth the hype.

How to use- Gently apply a generous amount on the hair and let it sit for 2 minutes. Massage thoroughly with soft circular motions and rinse off.

Other products of Keeps- 

  1. Finasteride- works best for baldness
  2. Minoxidil solution 5% – it slows down the hair fall.
  3. Minoxidil foam- Same function as minoxidil solution 5%.
  4. Keeps thickening conditioner- promotes hair growth.


  • The shampoos work best for hair fall and dandruff 
  • It can subscribe, which will cost a bit less.
  • The ingredients used are best for treating the subject cause.
  • Delivery at your doorstep 
  • FDA approved
  • Doctors will also recommend it.


  • It is a slow process, don’t expect results in a single day.

Does Keeps hair shampoo really work


If you suffer from significant hair loss, have lost so much hair earlier, or want to grow, you can buy it. The keeps shampoo review are great. You can also take the recommendations of doctors for your satisfaction. 

Apart from this, the website is legitimate. It has been selling the products for quite a long time. The trust score is high, so it will be worth buying.

Keeps shampoo review by customers?

The feedback on the shampoo is satisfying. We all know that a dermatologist even suggests these ingredients for the concerns, so we can make out what’s best. You have to specify which product to use for which problem; otherwise, it won’t do great to the hair.


The product is widely used in the United States. Customers praised the site for free doctor’s chat options, price-friendly products, and quick and fast delivery.

However, it has got 4.8-star ratings on the website, which is awestruck. It is pretty commendable to have got such good reviews. Over 3989 customers have reviewed the item, and we have seen great comments for the website.


We will conclude the article now; we hope you get the details and answers about Keeps shampoo review. The above knowledge provided is as per info available over the internet and on hand users. 

Have you ever used these shampoos? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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