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Dgcustomerfirst.com survey code? It is the right platform if you want to acquire more information on this.

Nowadays, companies in the United States are giving you a chance to participate in the survey. If you also want to take this chance, it may be the golden period. Let’s check out by reading the article.

About Dgcustomerfirst.com

Dg, which stands for dollar general customer first, is a retail store with branches worldwide. Here you can go for buying goods at an affordable price.


The company started was formed in 1939 and has more than 15000 stores worldwide. 

Customer satisfaction is the biggest priority of this company. This company has an excellent presence on social media channels, where customers give live feedback to the company. 

Nowadays, this store is offering you a survey code where you have to participate, and if you are lucky, then you will get a gift voucher. With this information, you will receive a notification by phone or mail. 


  • Former name: J L Turner.
  • Subsidiaries: Dollar General Market, Dollar General Financial, Dollar General Global Sourcing, and lots more.
  • Products: clothing, toys, cleaning equipment, health products, and many more.
  • Method: Online and mail.
  • Date: Beginning from February 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022.
  • Contact address: Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 251328 West Bloomfield MI, 48325.
  • Contact Number: 615 855 4000
  • Fax number: 615 855-5517

Dgcustomerfirst.com survey code specific rules:

  • The person should be more than 18 years or more,
  • Should have a valid email account,
  • Should be the resident of United States,
  • You must have a good internet connection with a laptop, pc, or smartphone to complete the survey,
  • You should have a recent receipt from the general dollar store,   
  • The person should know English or Spanish language.

Please make sure that you fulfill all the conditions and only participate in this survey.

Now we will check out some questions which are generally asked in this survey:

  • You have to give the rating of customer satisfaction.
  • How do you like the product and service of the company?
  • Do you like the cleanliness and other things of this company?
  • Do you like the quality of the products? If not, then specify the reason?
  • Was the behavior of the staff was good or not?

Now, we will check out the methods for participating. 

Dgcustomerfirst.com survey code

 Generally, there are two methods, and they are:

  • By online: By online, follow the necessary steps:
  • Go to the customer website.
  • The webpage will ask you to enter some specific details like time, store number, and 15-digit survey code,
  • Then click on the start button,
  • It will ask you to enter questions like product quality, staff service, and many more.

After giving answers to these questions, click on the submit button, and you can expect your gift voucher and redeem it whenever you visit the store.

  • By mail: If you don’t have any receipt and still want to participate in this survey, you can choose the mail method. 

Below are some steps which you need to follow:

  • You should have a card size of 3.5X5″.
  • Need to write your details like name, dob, email address.
  • Then you need to mail it to the company registered address.

The reason behind doing the Dgcustomerfirst.com survey code:

Dg customer values its customer, prioritizing the customer over earning profits. 


That’s why they come with various survey codes to get valuable feedback from the customers. If there is a requirement for improvement, they will take suitable actions to improve the quality of the product.

Final words

We hope that you get the detailed information through this article. This is the golden period for you, so we suggest you participate in this survey and have the opportunity to be a winner.

Isn’t it excited to receive the prize and give feedback simultaneously?

Have you gone shopping in this store? Please give your feedback regarding the Dgcustomerfirst.com survey code.

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