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Have you read the latest interlock device reviews? This is a traffic police virtual device these days.

Interlock devices are in demand. To supply those demands, various companies are offering different interlock devices. They all are different in features, and the density and ranges vary. In this article, we will go through all of them and also what are the works and other key facts of this device.


These devices are becoming essential for all cops. Nowadays, many people also have these devices with them to identify if all people are in the normal state or alcoholic state. Here are various things waiting for you to discover. Be with us and learn more about it.

About interlock devices

The full name or the specific name is ignition or breath Alcohol ignition interlock device. 

The work of this device is breath analyzing. It is a device that analyzes the breath of an individual vehicle. In this article, we are disclosing interlock device reviews.


In this device, the driver needs to blow the air, and if the device suspects alcohol in your breath, the whole system stops the car from starting. The main part of the device is fitted inside the vehicle. 

The complete form of this device is in electronic form. It is all evolved around electronic monitoring systems.

Some of the best types of interlock devices available?

  • Alcolock
  • Drager interlock 7000
  • Life safer ignition 
  • Draeger us interlock 
  • Ignition interlock 
  • Intoxalock interlock 

History of interlock devices?

Before knowing the interlock device reviews, let’s learn about the history of interlock devices.

  • Borg-Warner Corp. (now BorgWarner, Inc.) developed the first performance-based interlocks in 1969.
  • In 1981, Jeffrey Feit, a student in New Jersey, was placed in a statewide innovation contest with a primitive schematic of a breathalyzer-based interlock device. In 1983, Hans Doran, a student in Limerick, presented a working prototype at the Young Scientist competition in Dublin. 
  • Alcohol-sensing devices became the standard through the 1980s. They employed semiconductor (nonspecific) alcohol sensors. Semiconductor-type (Taguchi) interlocks were sturdy and got the field moving, but did not hold calibration very well, were sensitive to altitude variation, and reacted positively to non-alcohol sources.

How to use interlock devices?

  • Blow-Inhale-Blow requires the user to blow into the car breathalyzer mouthpiece for a few seconds without removing their mouth, inhale back in and blow into the mouth again. This is the most accurate test, and it’s the easiest for users too. INTOXALOCK DEVICES USE THIS METHOD.
  • Straight Blow requires extreme force behind your breath sample and is difficult for users and less accurate than other devices.
  • Blow, And Hum users must blow and hum into the mouthpiece, which is hard to master and causes unnecessary lockouts for many customers.
  • Most ignition interlock devices are similarly shaped, but some are simpler to use. (You are reading:interlock device reviews)
  • These devices have only one button to activate, which helps reduce errors and makes random retests easier to execute since drivers don’t have to read the device.
  • While a failed sample means you won’t be able to start the device, you can be assured the device will NOT be able to turn off your car once it is running. Once your vehicle has been created, no ignition interlock device can turn it off.

How does the interlock device work?

  • Once the device is installed, drivers blow into the car breathalyzer mouthpiece to provide a breath sample. 
  • The device tests for breath alcohol content (BrAC) within the legal limit. If it’s under the limit (typically .02), the driver can put their keys in the ignition and start the car.

What are the interlock device reviews? 


According to people, this is a very useful device with many benefits. Everyone benefited. 

And this device accurately checked the whole alcohol level and prevented the engine from starting and the car from operating.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is selecting a good device from the internet or the market. 


Some devices are fraudulent, and they have the body look alike, but the main software is unavailable.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 89% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion Yes    

In this interlock device reviews, you can find everything about it in this article, from top brands to the features. Hopefully, all your queries got cleared.

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