DV Lottery 2023 – Important Points that You Need to Know?


What is DV lottery 2023? Hurry! Register your details before the closing dates. Who might know, you may be the lucky one to become one of the 55,000 Greencard holders?

Getting the chance to turn on an immigrant visa into a citizenship Green Card is better than any other opportunity. Every year the Government of the United States pull up some people from their country who are immigrants and offer them a Green Card. 

This procedure is carried out through a lottery system to ensure equal opportunity for every applicant. Do you want to know more about them? Please read further for more information.


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What is the DV lottery 2023? 

It is a program started by the Congress party to allow 5500 immigrants of the United States to receive a green card through a lottery system. The registration started in late 2021, and the last date of application is October 15th, 2022. 

This policy is beneficial for historically represented individuals who want to receive an immigrant visa to America. The system is a diversity visa program because there are millions of people in the world to register in it. 


American country is proud of supporting immigrants. Do you know that some countries like China and Mexico have more applicants than any other country? To ensure every part of the world gets equal opportunity, this system follows the US loss to maintain diversity.

Eligibility criteria

Are you thinking of applying to the DV lottery 2023? Here are some regulations that you need to follow. 

  • Almost every country’s citizens can apply to this program. All you need is a country of birth located on the world political maps.
  • Every application applicant must have employment experience or some education.
  • You can apply for free on the official website of the state. But remember to read all the information present on it before.

Is DV lottery 2023 legit?

It is an official program by the government of the United States which is legal. This distribution of Green Card has been undergoing since 1994, and more than 55,000 people have received citizenship from the country.


The official website of this system is www(dot)dvlottery(dot)com, and you can even verify it from the state government. The application is free of charge on the website www(dot)state(dot)gov, and it is the official US government portal for any query or service concerning the application process. 

This program gets run under a legal immigration consultancy company called the American dream, which is also responsible for handling the website of the DV lottery. 

Make sure that you apply from the official website of the state only. There are many fraudulent trying to trick people and get money from them. 

How to apply for this lottery?


To apply for the DV lottery 2023, you must visit the official website before the deadline to ensure your application does not get rejected. Here is a guideline to help you in the procedure:

  • Start by using any device with an active internet connection.
  • Now visit your browser and search for the official website of the US department.
  • When you reach their home page, make sure you read all the information before following the further steps.
  • Click on the register button.
  • You will find an application form and enter all the data correctly.
  • This step is very crucial because you can get disqualified for any mistake.
  • When your lottery application gets rejected due to an error, the system does not notify the applicant.
  • So, whether you read the lottery or not, this information is not shared.
  • Hence be very careful while filling in the details.
  • Press enter and your application is sent.
  • You will not get charged for anything.

The American dream company is very particular about sending all the applications within the due date. So, hurry up before you lose this chance.


Thus, we can say that the DV lottery 2023 is a beacon of hope for people who want to settle in America for professional or private reasons. You can apply without any charges and get a green card which will allow you to avail all the citizenship rights of the country.

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