Fanart Moondrop Fnaf, Security Breach Ideas 2022


What is Fanart Moondrop Fnaf? There is a sudden buzz about Moondrop Fanart.

Five Nights at Freddy is a popular media series. This series gained popularity when it came as a game format. Moondrop. We will discuss the fnaf and Moondrop, mainly focusing on the fanart. There are a lot of things to know. If you are a five-night at Freddy fan, this information is most known for you.

Who loves to watch the Sun or the Moon in the series? Enormous people are in love with the Moon. Recently, all the internet has been bombing with Moondropfanart. There is sun fanart also, but the Moon is ruling this time.


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What is fnaf?

As we mentioned earlier, the full form of fnaf is five nights at Freddy. Earlier, it was released as an American media series or a particular brand. After that, this series was released as a video game, and this is a horror-based video game.

The video game is full of horror mysteries, fear, and thrill. The entire series contains eight series of survival horror games. This game has nighttime employees who are the role-play characters of players. We will get back on fanart Moondrop Fnaf.

IN this game, you can find a novel trilogy and anthology. In fnaf, you can find adventure features and Halloween features. Another important fact is the name of this game included in the Guinness Book.


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Who is Moon?

From the appearances, the Moon is an attendant of a daycare. His dressing style is like a mechanical clown, and he also wears moon-themed sleeping hats. 

The color of his dress is grey, and the dress is a type of blouse. You can find the buttons on his blouse.

Apart from it, you can find blue slacks, which are puffy. On his collar and waist are blue with yellow or gold frills. 


He wears orange shoes with little moon emblems on them. In this article, you find about the fanart Moondrop Fnaf.

His faceplate has a crescent moon upon that, with black paint covering the eclipsed portion of his face. The artistry on his eyes and teeth, though, is still evident. 

His back also has a little clasp that links to hooks, enabling him to do wire tricks.

What is the actual personality of Moondrop?

  • The Daycare Attendant, like Moon, is abrasive. He pursues Gregory after the lights have been turned off, attempting to punish him for staying beyond his bedtime. 
  • Sun’s dislike of messiness appears to have transferred to his night counterpart. 
  • This demonstrates how rigid the Moon is with keeping standards comparable to the Sun even to a more deranged degree. 
  • When Gregory ignores his warning regarding turning off the lights, Moon pursues him down and calls him a very bad boy. The Moon is an aggressive and angry character.

What is Fanart Moondrop Fnaf?

Though Moon is an abrasive character, artists love him. They are constantly creating and recreating his figure and character with their fanart. 


There is a huge fan following of Moon the Daycare Attendant, and it is due to this fan following that he has thousands of fanarts dedicated to him. 

You will find a big craze for Moondrop Fanart on the internet. It is famous all-over social media, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. We have mentioned the best Pinterest board with MoondropFanart at the end of the post for our readers to check out. 


Here we share all information about Fanart Moondrop Fnaf. Expectedly all information is helpful to let you know about everything on Moondrop and his fanarts.

If you want to share your experiences and responses, share them in our comment section and let us know about them.


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