Is Pcarfx Legit


Find out whether it is pcarfx legit or not? If online shopping is your remedy to stress, you have found a stress buster. It is e-commerce dealing with multiple category products. You can surf through these items from the comfort of your home. Here are the most classic and stylish hoverboards available in the market.

We hear about various scams and fraud websites in the news every day. People of the United States have become vigilant while affiliating with them. So, we will compare all the aspects and your reviews. 

To find if it is an authentic source for making purchases. Read further to know more.


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E-Commerce deals in kitchen appliances, beauty products, electronics, kid’s items, and pet supplies. All the stuff is available at heavy discounts and offers. There is no particular category in which the domain lies and, it is more like a small mall where you can get multiple items.

They have highlighted exclusive items and discounts for the new year’s sale. As the winter season precedes, they have launched a warm clothing range with suitable accessories. 

To stay updated on new arrivals and exquisite discount offers, you can subscribe to the newsletter. They have got the best variety of hoverboards that can be the best gift for your kid this Christmas. Beneath every item, you will see an estimated delivery timing.


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  • Their contact address is 1445 Woodmont, Ln, NW #4002, Atlanta, GA0318.
  • To report any issue, you can email them at
  • The phone number for instant contact is +1 305-901-7890.
  • They have given 4-8 days approximate delivery time. But mentioned the shipping varies according to the address of the customer.
  • Their return policy is valid for 30 days only.
  • You can use any credit/debit card for net banking and paper for online payment.
  • This website got launched on 20 September 2013.


  • They mentioned all the necessary contact information.
  • It has a good score of 75.7 %.
  • Some exclusive discounts are available on the website. You can use them to get affordable deals for any product.
  • They have a wide variety of different category products available on the platform.
  • Free shipping on all orders.


  • They have not mentioned any information about the owner of the brand.
  • No social media links are present on the platform.
  • The discount offer sandals seem sketchy.

Is pcarfx legit?

According to our sources, the expiration date on which platform is in 2022. But it has a good trust score that signifies it to be a standard and well-built website. 

Some of the products and policies seem photoshopped which, also shows plagiarism. No social media handle is linked with the brand to spread awareness and attract more audiences. 


The price of certain products seems unrealistic after applying discount offers. Most scamming websites try to lure customers into their trap by showcasing low price items. 

The company address mentioned on the website is not authentic because various businesses are present. The trust score is 75.7% which signifies it is a standard website but does not prove its legitimacy.

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Pcarfx Reviews

To find Is pcarfx legit? We looked for social media handles to get an insight into the user response in the United States. But the brand is not available on any platform. The website is almost a decade old but, they have failed to create any clout. 


There is no customer feedback on open sources. After much search, we concluded that the source lacks any genuine user base. Until we do not gather any valuable reviews to judge their credibility, it is not a safe source for making any substantial purchase.


Is pcarfx legit? The website has no technical glitches and, a standard trust score signifies it as an authentic brand. But since there are no customer reviews on any open source which cannot be confident of its claims. 

They need to work on the marketing strategy to get more traffic on the domain.

Social mediaNo
Trust score75%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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