Fear Factory Aggression Continuum Review


After the last album, Genexus, the fans of fear factory waited long for the next release. Well, the wait is over, and we are here with the fear factory aggression continuum review.

The primary reason for the significant 6-year gap between the two albums Genexus and Aggression Continuum was the artistic and personal disagreements among the members of the United States-based band Fear Factory. The additional legal concerns encompassing the band contributed further to Fear Factory going on an extended hiatus of 6 years with its three-decades-long member, Burton C. Bell is departing from the band in 2020.

What is the Fear Factory?


Fear Factory is an American heavy metal band that initially originated from Los Angeles, California, the US, in 1989. They were also known as Ulceration (1989-1990). 

They produce various genres such as Industrial metal, groove metal, nu-metal, and death metal. During the band’s entire three-decade career, they have successfully managed to released nine full-length albums. 

Recently the three-membered band released its 10 and the latest album called Aggression Continuum. The lead vocalist and the only consistent member who stayed in the band for 31 years, Burton C. Bell, left it in 2020. 

What is the aggression continuum?


The latest album released on June 18, 2021, by the United States-based heavy metal band Fear Factory is called the Aggression Continuum. It is the band’s tenth studio album in total, but it is the first studio album since Genexus was released in 2015, and this marks the longest gap between two albums in their whole career. 

The album was recorded in 2017; hence it still includes Burton C. Bell’s vocals despite his departure from the band the previous year. Keep reading to find out more about the fear factory aggression continuum reviewby the fans and the critics around the United States.


  • The 10 songs available in the albumaggression continuum by the fear factory are:
Aggression continuum
Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
Manufactured Hope
Cognitive Dissonance
End of Line
  • The total length of the album is of 48 minutes and 34 seconds.
  • The vocals are from Burton C. Bell. He is the lead vocalist of the band.
  • Dino Cazares is effectively playing guitar and bass.
  • Mike Heller plays drums in the band.

What is the fear factory aggression continuum review?

After the long delay, the album originally recorded in 2017 was released for fans to listen to their favorite music. The online platforms have been flooded with exciting reviews and responses on the latest album by the band fear factory.


We took a thorough note of all the responses to give you an overview of what the others have to say about it.

To begin with, the Financial Times has given the album a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars. The heavy metal and complex rock news website blabbermouth has given it a whopping 8 stars out of 10.

Moving towards several fans based in the United States, they have expressed their detailed amusement towards each song in the album. They were delighted to listen to all the singles from the album after waiting for so long since the last album.


Many fans recommended listening to the songs to find out what all the fun is about.


The band fear factory finally released its much-awaited albumaggression continuum after the 6 years hiatus. They have received a gloriousfear factory aggression continuum reviewfrom the fans and critics, and it is loved across the globe. The reviews on these songs are as per the preference of the listeners. 

Every individual enjoys different types of songs. Listen to their latest album to know if it is your type and genre, and remember to share your thoughts with us.

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