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Fashion is a word that passionate everyone. Who doesn’t want to get ready and look stylish? Everyone wants to look good. If you are searching for a virtual store that can fulfill your desire of getting stylish things, then you should consider To know whether it deserves your trust, we will see knowfashionstyle com reviews, in this article.


We all are someone who wants to get things on the verge of our mobile phones, especially when we live in the United States. The website is having numerous products, from handbags to fashion clothes. But we should make sure that it is not a scam before we proceed to buy.

What is knowfashionstyle com?

Knowfashionstyle com is a virtual store that is selling its products on the internet. This company has started its sales in the year 2005 and is now trending in some parts of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, as well as in France and Australia. The company takes orders from any country.


The company has built 6500 brand new products over the 16 years and is told to produce more in the future. The company owns its warehouse as well as its factory, to give the best service. There are knowfashionstyle com reviews available which help us decide the legit of this company.

Specifications of knowfashionstyle com

  • Not only clothes related to daily life, but the company offers every sort of cloth. The main include coats, jeans, jackets, tops, bottoms, sportswear, swimwear, jumpsuits, dresses, clubwear, gown dresses, casual dresses, party wear.
  • Contact address that is mentioned on the website: Shijing International Building, No. 86 Shisha Road, Baiyunhu Street Guangzhou.
  • Link for website: :
  • Contact number:  +8917324252481
  • E-mail address:
  • Payment method: The only payment method that is available for this company is Paypal. They believe that Paypal is secure, so their transaction supports only this.
  • Shipping methods: They ship all over the world. There is no free shipping available for any product.
  • The time it takes to deliver its products: It takes 7-14 business days to complete delivery within the country. It takes subsequent days based on the distance for other countries.
  • Return and refund policy: The website accepts all kinds of return, refund, exchange as well as order cancellation if the buyer is not satisfied with the product. But this should be done within seven days of product delivery and the product should be in unused condition.
  • Privacy policy: They will give you an online privacy statement once you make an order.
  • Tracking methods: The website provides you an International tracking number which enables the ease of your product tracking.

Pros of knowfashionstyle com

  • Designs are different and the number of products is high. This provides you a large collection of clothes as well as fashion accessories, from which you can select the ones you want.
  • Things for all ages and all sizes. There is no specificity based on age, you can find things that all ages need.
  • You don’t need to be a resident of the United States to buy from knowfashionstyle com. You can buy from anywhere in the world.

Cons of Knowfashionstyle com

  • There is no discount available for the products.
  • No free shipping for any of the products.
  • No description is available for the product.
  • Only one payment method is available.
  • No ratings or reviews are available for individual products.

Is knowfashionstyle com legit?

To tell whether this company is legit or a scam, we have to consider knowfashionstyle com reviews from various websites and customers. When we look at the cons of this website, it looks suspicious.


There are 108 reviews available on the website, out of which most reviews are negative.  Many of the customers say that the product is not received. They provide invalid tracking numbers. The total rating percentage is also very less, just 3.5. There is not a single positive review from the customer that says that this brand is trustworthy.

Final Verdict

Knowfashiostyle com reviews from customers


As per the research we have done, the trust score for this website is less. The aspect of providing invalid tracking numbers also makes us think that this is a scam. This is the only thing but is a major thing. So we suggest you not waste your money on products from this brand.

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