Forth 2 Cash Register Online Entry


Forth 2 cash register online entry? Currently, the popularity of radio stations is decreasing with each passing day. Nowadays, human beings are very busy with their work schedules. They don’t have much time to spend listening radio. 

Today we are dealing with many exciting topics related to Forth 2, a United kingdom based radio station. Many people prefer this radio station over any other station. Here we tell you what it is, what is the cash register feature, how to register cash and many more things about Forth 2.

What is Forth 2? 

Forth 2 is a local radio station in the UK. This station is owned by Bauer Radio. This is an entirely independent radio station and a significant part of Greatest hits radio stations. 

This radio station is providing a 24/7 service all over the year without any disturbance. It started in 1975. Now it’s 2021, but it still serves its best efforts to the people of Edinburgh, Lothians, and Fife.


They have many different portals in their network stations:

  1. Schedule.
  2. Playlist.
  3. Presenters.
  4. Win.
  5. Forth 2 Cash register online entry.
  6. Cash for kids.
  7. Offers.
  8. Entertainment.
  9. Forth news.
  10. Tickets. 

Specifications of Forth 2:

  • Contact Number: Studio number (0333 20 20 401), Reception No (0131556 9255)
  • Contact Address: Radio Forth, Forth House, Fort Street, Edinburgh, EH1.3LE, Scotland, UK.
  • E-mail address: 
  • Frequency: MW- 1548 kHz, DAB- 12D
  • Broadcast Area: Edinburgh, Lothians, and Fife.
  • Network: Greatest hits radio.
  • Owner: Bauer Radio.
  • First Airdate: 22nd January 1975. 

What is the Forth 2 cash register online entry?

This is the most exciting and new feature of this radio network station to win a real cash prize. Nowadays, we lost our habit to listen radio every. It’s a new initiative to bring back the audience into it again. T

hey broadcast a breakfast show at 8 AM. It would be best if you listen to it properly. And register yourself in the respected portal of the cash register. In our forthcoming segment, we will reveal a concise step guide for your help. 

Isn’t it a great thing where you can get cash just by listening radio? Keep reading To learn more about it. We have many more surprises to served you on your plate.

A detailed description of the process:


You are confused about how to play forth 2 cash register online entries. No worries! We are here with a detailed guide.

It’s effortless to play

Step#1 listen to breakfast every morning at 8 AM 

Step#2 Hear the new Cash Register amount and then get in the draw. 

Step#3 If Garry Spence calls you after 5 PM, answer your phone within five rings. 


Step#4 You need to give that day’s Cash Register amount in pounds and pence, and you win it!

Step#5 To enter Cash Register on Forth 2, text YES to 61054 (£2 + Standard Network Rate) or enter online.

You can also found many all info about the previous prize amount and details of the last winner on their official website’s cash register portal.

Is this Online entry legit?

According to us, yes, it is legit. We can find various vital issues which support their legitimacy. 

  • A valid SSL certificate and HTTPS certificates are available.
  • Positive responses are available on the Internet.
  • Legit social media presence spotted.
  • A trusted radio station since 1975.

Hopefully, these points are enough as clear evidence of legitimacy.

Viewer’s reaction and opinion about it

We found several positive responses from previous contests. And they are delighted.

Sarah said, “Honestly, I don’t believe in them at first, but when I won the prize money, it’s a dream come true moment for me. I can able to describe the adrenaline rush of that specific moment.” 


Hopefully, you can sketch a better idea about the contest Forth 2 cash register online entryIt is a legit one. You can take part in it. You need to listen to the radio carefully in the morning, that’s it. Good luck.

You can share any of your experiences with us in the comment section below related to this topic. And also, share your thoughts on this article. We would love to hear from you. 

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