iTunes Card Scam


iTunes card scam? Are you a fan of the brand Apple and love all the gift cards and products by them? Many people faced scams while paying through these cards and demanded justice from the brand. In this article, we have mentioned all the steps taken by Apple to help its customers. 

Apple is one of the most prominent brands in the United States, Australia. Many fraudulent trick people to use the gift cards by Apple as payment. Read further to get out of any predicament, as we have provided detailed knowledge about it.

What is an iTunes card?

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the United States for technology and deals in electronics, software, and many online services. It is the largest company by revenue in 2021. Most of the digital services provided by apple are purchased and, they have launched an iTunes gift card to make it easier to pay them.


These gift cards are pre-purchased credit for digital services provided by Apple. You can use them to subscribe for services or buy movies, apps, music, and more on Apple Store. You can avail them as real cards or digital codes

One of the advantages of these cards is that the credit applied to them does not have any expiry date. There are Apple gift cards available for purchasing electronics like iPhones, laptops, and MacBooks but, iTunes cards are for purchasing software items.

Recently many dealers and e-commerce are asking for payment through these gift cards. But, none of them are trustworthy, and being reckless can lead you into troublesome situations. Continue reading to know about the iTunes card scam.

What is an iTunes card scam? 


The fraudulent have found new ways to scam people by using gift cards. People of the United States, Australia is getting strings of scam emails and phone calls. These scammers have a particular formula to instill panic and then ask users to purchase these gift cards in the fastest way possible. 

Then they will ask you to share the code of the Apple gift card. People get scammed by them because they are unaware that these cards can only buy Apple services and products.

If any scam comes under your notice, we recommend reporting it to the police department and FTC. By doing so, you will save yourself and others from being tricked into their trap. 


If you are a victim of any such scam that involves App Store & iTunes Gift Cards, iTunes cards, Apple Gift Cards, you must contact the company immediately for help. You can contact them through their website or use this number 800-275-2273 as a helpline and say the term ‘gift card’ when prompted. 

How to avoid getting scammed?

Being careful is the best remedy to avoid any iTunes card scam and, these are some points to make you aware:

  • Only use your gift cards for payment while purchasing any item from Apple Store, Apple Books, iTunes Store, App Store, and Apple Music.
  • Refrain from sharing the gift card number with anyone.
  • Once you share the number on the back of your card, the funds will be used before you can contact anyone.
  • Report any suspicious website or person to your local police and FTC to stop them from scamming anyone in the future.

What is the lawsuit against Apple?

The company allegedly refused to accept complaints of the victims to iTunes gift cards and stated there was no way to refund them. Then some people filed a lawsuit against them. 


Older people get scammed easily and, due to this, the company violates the laws that protect them from financial abuse. The people who filed the lawsuit argued that Apple holds the funds for 4-6 weeks before paying the developer. 

They can use this time to help the victims get a full refund. The company takes a 30% commission, so there should be no issue while providing a refund. But no initiative has been made by them regarding the pertaining issues.


The best way to stay safe from an iTunes card scam is by being careful and refraining from sharing any details with an unknown source. Please, contact the company in case of any mishap.

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