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At home, while we do nothing, there are a lot of people who like to explore games in their pass time. If you are crazy for games and are fans of players looking for autographs, this is the perfect platform for you. Then comes the part of the legitimacy of the website. Let’s look at Foxbik reviews and try to find out if the website is legit. 


This is a famous shopping platform that supplies merchandise of Pokemon, Basketball, Football, etc. They also provide a pack of cards and football games that has taken an exciting turn in the United States market. This is also a creative gift idea. 

What is Foxbik?

This online store is loaded with attractive gaming images and varieties of games ready to sell on the website. It shows an amazing user experience as per the information mentioned on the website. It has also tried its best to provide all the brand details on the website itself. 


This could become a part of the excellent quality time within the family. It reflects the reasonable price of the games and also provides an autographed copies. Anyone who is looking forward to making it up with someone in the family or the life. Such gifts or things can play a vital role in making someone happy. 


  • Domain creation date: 02-03-2021
  • Delivery time reflects 15-30 days
  • Contact us – not much information available
  • Return or Exchange policy – 30 days or return available
  • Refund policy says 2-5 days
  • Cancellation policy is applicable only on the purchasing day
  • Payment method – credit cards and PayPal accepted
  • Email address-


  • The quick refund process for the users
  • It is providing autographs of the famous players
  • The website claims of providing free or low of cost transport
  • The user can also find his/her favorite player and gaming merchandise


  • The domain age is too young to judge
  • There is no social media pages so that one can identify the Foxbik reviews of the visitors
  • The user has to buy more than 2 to purchase the item
  • Charges 20% of the total order value in case of cancellation
  • Cancellation is only applicable on the day of cancellation
  • Exchange is applicable only if the item is defective or damaged

Is Foxbik legit?


The trust index of this supposable famous gaming site is 2% that is not trustworthy. No contact details make it an unknown website to the users and suspicious to shop from. There are no reviews found anywhere on the internet about this online shopping platform. Taking any step on this portal should be a wise move.

What are foxbik reviews?

It is hard to conclude since the website is not so old and there are no reviews mentioned for this page. Also, the supporting social media pages redirect to an unknown place, so observing reviews is still difficult. Although without any reviews, no one can do anything to judge. A wise person would prefer waiting and watching the website getting tenure.



Jumping to a conclusion so quick will not be a fair move. This website is not promising to announce it to be a legit online shop. Although, calculating all the detailed information mentioned in this article will help a reader to self-understand if this website is legit or not.

Let’s see what you have in your bucket, do not hesitate to leave your Foxbik reviews in the comment section below

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