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Is the death news Geo Robot Heart aka George Muller real or it is a hoax, several people comments and paid tribute but what is the reality find out?

It is very hard to digest the news that Geo Robot Heart is no more there are several articles available over the internet, but news came up, some are calling it a hoax, and many of his fans are not believing this sad news. But what is the reality behind this? Is George Mueller (“Geo”) alive or not?


Recently news busted out in the United States of Geo, aka George Mullers passes away, but suddenly several rumors also spread. This article will try to find out the reality, so you must read full information.

About Geo Robot Heart

A man with an artistic heart name George Muller aka Geo Robot heart is known by various names but loved by millions. Because he is a multitalented personality, most of these noticeable people’s achievements incorporate Color energy, Mueller Ventures, EcoSense Lighting, and fellow benefactor of Internet Securities Incorporated and Cerebellum Capital.

About Robot heart – Robot Heart is a group of practitioners and visionaries, craftsmen, and business people. Our house is in the desert residue of Burning Man and the roads of New York City, Detroit, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. Home is any place the Heart is. 


Robot Heart is a local area and a family. In New York and around the globe, our occasions at Burning Man are an expansion and festivity of that local area, bound together by shared estimations of consideration, giving, natural duty, and common regard.

Is Robot heart no more?

As from the news and latest updates, the news is genuine, and it is not a hoax, so we should all respect the artist and the work he left behind. 



He is made due by his significant other, Ting, youngsters Astro (4 yrs) and Xing (2 yrs), siblings Gary, Greg, Grant, and mother, Diane. He is likewise made due by us all who have been contacted and roused by Robot Heart and the mysterious clan and more distant family he united. 

A virtual commemoration administration will be held in April, and we desire to observe Geo’s life face to face on the Playa in August.

Reason for death?


24 March news came up of George Muller’s death and the reason behind his death broken cerebral aneurysm during his skiing holiday. But we hope that after Geo Robot Heart, his family will again stand up from sorrows.


It was tragic news that all his lovers would not love to hear that the passion of music and art can never die; indeed, Geo is no more, but his tunes in the air will always wave around the dessert and will encourage millions to be whatever you are.

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