Is legit? We have to know all its details wherever we notice a new website. So, let’s verify this website with 100+ user feedback. is a new website on the Internet world, which made people curious about this website. Naturally, they have a bucket full of queries about this website, and they are eagerly searching for some vital information about this website. It is a new website, so there is not much information available about them.

We conducted deep research and gathered all information regarding this website’s services and legitimacy to solve all their queries. We will serially present all points one by one for your smooth understanding. Here you can find info about them, their services, the legitimacy facts.


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What is

This is a new website whose age is less than ten-month. So, we will check is legit or not. For a new website, it is essential to review everything wisely before accessing or using the service.

This company is an MNC company that provides technical support, marketing help, and all possible support to customers. They don’t follow any regular rules to implement all strategies. 


After analyzing the market scenario, they choose the strategy and marketing programs to help their clients.

It is also providing support as an investment company. They have these two separate components on their website as they are providing such excellent services people want to know about before investing in anything.

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  • Company type: MNC
  • Company services: technology support and investment 
  • Company genre: Internet media co.
  • Email address:
  • Company address: No information is provided on the website.
  • Contact number: No information provided.

Services and Customer Support – 


Is legit or not? To answer this question, you need to go through their services. We share all services here at different points.

  1. is an Internet Media Co., Ltd. long-term cooperation with MCN organizations in various countries. 
  2. Freecit has a long-term agreement with the MCN agencies. Due to many cooperative MCN agencies, many people are required to like the video and subscribe. Therefore, Frenetic has set up task rewards & every time you complete the requirements specified by Freecit, you can get commissions.
  3. Freecit is an Internet business support company. They use pioneering Internet technology to promote the business of their customers vigorously.
  4. They have developed unparalleled breakthrough network services by combining the most advanced technologies (patented) with marketing efforts anticipating market needs. 
  5. Its a unique marketing platform to provide Internet-based and affiliate advertising services. 
  6. freecit1 have a long-term cooperative relationship with short video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. At the same time, they also have collaborative relationships with major MCN organizations in various countries to help their company’s Internet celebrities enter the Philippine market, increase their video views and follow, to achieve multi-party mutual assistance and win-win.
  7. The goal of Freecit is to become an attractive value creation company with advanced technology strength and service development capabilities as the pillars.  
  8. The management system that can quickly respond to environmental changes and the pursuit of compliance management are necessary conditions for maximizing corporate value and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. They are actively committed to improving our capabilities. The corporate governance system is their most critical management task.

Is legit? 

Now, it is time to unveil the absolute truth about the Freecit. We analyze many things, present the information pointwise, and go through all points to know everything.

  • According to our research, we mark it as a suspicious website with a 5% trust score.
  • This company is new, and the company’s website is not working correctly.
  • The website is not opening, and the server is not working. This is also the main point about their suspicious manner.
  • Only an email address is given, but other contact details are not provided. reviews

To disclose the absolute truth about legit, we need to know the customer’s opinion. But unfortunately, no information about previous customers’ responses is available about this website.


We searched a lot, but no responses were found on any platform. Though they have a social media presence on Facebook, the follower number is deficient, marking Freecit as suspicious.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 5% 
Social media presence Yes  
Customer opinion   Yes    

The answer is legitis no it is a suspicious or a scam website. As of now, there is a high shortage of available data, and there is no feedback available. If you want to access it, go with your safety concerns.

You can write to us about your opinion on this platform in our comment box. Please drop your views over there.

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