Onlinebookclub – Is it Worth Writing [Feb 2024]


What is onlinebookclub? This article will help you retrieve information about this website. >> Read all the latest information (2022) about it with user feedback.

Reading books is an essential aspect of life for every human living on the earth. Irrespective of the language and the genre, books always teach you something. 


But, it is easy to read and memorize things online in the world of online items. Because the process takes no effort. To facilitate you with this, there has been a specific website. One of them is an online book club. So, in the following sessions, we will see the specifications, pros, cons, and legit of this website. 

What is an online book club?

As discussed above, it is an online website for users fond of or interested in reading books and blogs. Some popular books are mentioned on the website’s homepage with their price and a search tab for searching a book. And even users can select a book according to given categories like textbooks, eBook, non-fiction, and un-categorized books. 

At the bottom right corner, they also have provided the option to chat with them. And in the menu, there are options available as an eBook store, Blog, Contact, and a choice for requesting a particular eBook. For more information about this website and its legitimacy, you should go through the data provided on the website and the article. And also, the reviews to get a clear idea about this website.


A group of students in 2015 started this website as the books required for college are costly. So, they have contacted publishers and made some textbooks available in pdf format so that the poor people can continue their studies without any problem.

Kids Item On Offered Price?


  • Email Address:
  • Contact Address: No contact address is available on the website, but the map is provided for guidance.
  • Contact Number: There is no contact number available on the website.
  • Category of the website: This website comes under the education category as this website has a collection of various eBooks and blogs.
  • Refund policy: As the products are digital, returns are not possible but, in some cases, like the wrong edition, mistakenly purchased, or duplicate purchase, then the user needs to send a return request within the specified time under the particular case. More information will be available under the onlinebookclub legit section.
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Social Media Presence: This website has a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


  • eBooks are available at low costs for the users.
  • If a particular eBook is not available on the website, users can request them to make it public.
  • The payment method is also standard.
  • Direct contact is also made possible through messenger.
  • The search tab is also provided for finding books.
  • Popular and exciting eBooks and blogs are made available on the homepage.


  • Important detail like contact number is not available on the website; this raises an its legit question. Users may face some problems during the refund of their products.
  • The eBook is sent through email, and sometimes, if we delete the mails from the spam folder, the book might get deleted.

Is onlinebookclub legit?

It is a basic need to undergo the information made available for the users on the website so that the user will not face any problem after the transaction has taken place. While researching, we have found that this website has social media pages.


The trust score for this website is 58.5 out of 100, which is an average score. So, this information proves that the site is legit. But do take care of your safety while transactions or making purchases.

One More Site Is Offering the Same, Which One?

What are onlinebookclub reviews from readers?

While research, we have found that the users are pleased and satisfied with their service of providing eBooks at low cost and helping needy people to complete their education. It’s inspiring and motivational, which seems legit. 


Users have also mentioned that this is a cheap, safe, and legit website. And they have also said that the pdf provided is of high quality.


After the information and reviews, we can conclude that the website onlinebookclub is legit. The thoughts, trust score, and social media presence are proof of being legit.

Social Media PresenceYes
Trust score58.5 out of 100
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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