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If you have a huge lawn and are fed up with failing to grow lush green grass, we have a solution for you. In this article, you will get our unbiased GroTrax reviews so that you can have all your queries answered in one place.

In the United States, most houses have lawns at the entrance or the backyard. Irrespective of the size, people like to maintain the grass and greenery. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Growing grass can be a cumbersome, time-consuming activity, and getting desired results is complicated. Keep reading this article to find an easy way out.

What is GroTrax?


GroTrax is a unique professionally grass growing technology that is simply rolled in the lawn, watered, and just watch grass grow. GroTrax merges seed science with high-tech technology embedding thousands of seeds into a biodegradable high absorption complex fabric that retains water. It naturally feeds the seed and keeps them secure from birds and prey. 

It also prevents them from washing away during heavy rains. It is the same as the revolutionary rollout of fast-growing grass formula used at elite golf courses at resorts. Now it is available in smaller sizes for residential places such as lawns. To find more authentic GroTrax reviews, continue reading ahead.


  • Contact Address – They are based in the United States as per the information on their website. There is no address mentioned on their website.
  • Customer Care Number – The customer care number provided on the website is 1-833-489-5296.
  • Email Address – This information has not been provided on their website.
  • Payment Method – They accept payment through any Credit or debit cards, including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal, etc.
  • Category of the Website – They are currently dealing in artificially grass-growing products.
  • Delivery Time – The delivery time of their product details is not mentioned on the website. It differs if you purchase from any other E-commerce website.
  • Return of Product – The purchases can be returned within 30 days if the customer is not satisfied. They offer a guarantee on growing grass else offer a refund.
  • Method of Delivery – They offer a standard shipping method for delivery for all countries.

Pros of GroTrax 

  • They have an ‘A’ Rating by BBB in America
  • They received the prestigious best product gold award at the 2018 national hardware show.
  • it can hold up to 6 times its weight
  • you have to waterless, and they can quickly grow better
  • they even grow grass on hills and slopes
  • it can be grown in direct sun or shade.
  • It is developed and manufactures in the United States 
  • Each roll contains the highest quality seeds and is certified weed-free.
  • They are very light weighted and easy to install
  • They can cut easily into patches as the requirement of the lawn.

Cons of GroTrax

  • They do not offer cash on delivery on their website.
  • Their refund policy does not apply to third-party purchases.

Is GroTrax legit or not?


We went through their entire website and their social media handles; after extensive research and thoroughly reading their terms, conditions, policies, we think that the site is legit. They have been in business for quite some time now and many prestigious accolades to describe their worth.

They are selling through many third-party dealers and have created a vast market for themselves. Even though there are many domains where they need to make amends, they are very well accepted by society.

What are the GroTrax Reviews by the customer?


We read various responses on the reviews section of many e-commerce giants selling the products, and we found very mixed reactions. Some customers claimed it to be a waste of money as it did not fulfill its mentioned claims. On the other hand, one of the customers tried to call their customer care after failing to get any results, and he described how he was unable to get any response from them. 

But amidst these, we even found many positive reactions of customers who were very happy with the lush grass that they had grown on their lawns. Many users shared their lawn pictures in the customer review section. The customer ratings stood at a solid 3.5/5, and the customers’ voting results gave the product value for money an easy 2.9/5 rating.



They have created a strong brand for themselves and are being loved around the globe. But still, they have many domains to work upon. Their well-established network helps them grow and attract a more significant customer base.

We recommend reading all the instructions, GroTrax reviews, terms, and conditions before making a purchase. We love to hear from our readers, so kindly do share your thoughts with us. 

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