Guppedantha Manasu Serial -Today’s Episode [May 2023]


Are you curious enough to know Guppedantha manasu serial today’s episode (15th November 2021)? Then, let us see the episode updates here. Of all the serials of late, guppedantha manasu is getting all the attention in the world, not only for the strange story of love and hate but mainly for the couple who has been in the positions of Rishi and Vasu. 

It is well known that Rishi is seriously mad about Vasu these days. The reason is well known too – He didn’t like the idea of Vasu marrying Sirish. Though his assumption is entirely wrong, his actions are effecting all the characters of the serial. While Sirish is getting ready for marriage with Priyanka, there are a lot of emotions running down all the characters. Let us see how this episode will become interesting.


So before we go to the updates of today’s episode, let us see the happenings of Yesterday’s episode as a whole.

What’s Yesterday’s recap of the Guppedantha manasu serial?

Saturday’s episode is full of Rishi’s anger – As always. His frustration and furiousness on Vasu have only been increasing from the moment he started assuming the marriage of Vasu and Sirish. In every action he does with Vasu, he clearly shows non-gratitude towards Vasu.


On the other hand, Mahindra is still trying hundreds of ways to let Rishi out with his love for Vasu. As the task is not easy, he is failing every time. On the occasion of annual competitions in the DBST college, a series of events were held in the Guppedantha manasu serial. One of the games which are shown playing is the hand-strength game. Of all the rounds, Rishi’s team kept on winning. 

When it is time for the last round, it is Vasu who comes from her side. While Rishi decides to come from his team, he drops as he sees Vasu. Instead of him, he sends another student. When Vasu loses in the game, Rishi takes a big chance. He scolds like he did every wrong thing in the world. 

What happens in today’s episode?


Let us see how will this Guppedantha manasu serial

be continued?


Like other days in recent times, this episode is also full of arguments. His main intention is to hurt Vasu for her decision to marry Sirish. He says her confidence is to the high, which he addresses as – overconfidence. He adds, “if you want to achieve goals in your life, drop-down that bloody overconfidence and then work hard. Your all focus on studies has decreased.” With this, Vasu gets scattered. She was not expecting this kind of scoldings from Rishi, on the other hand suspecting that he had some real cause of anger on her.

Also, it is witnessed that Rishi and Vasu get into an argument when Rishi decides to give away the personal assistant post to Vikas – another student of DBST. As Vasu has given her heart and soul to the role, she cannot take what Rishi has decided. That is when she starts to argue with Rishi about his bad behavior.

The whole episode is about giving him the right words about his bad decisions. Let us see how these hidden admirer abuses each other and create fun. It is also seen that she is so adamant about asking Rishi the real reason for his abnormal behavior. But, will Vasu get any fruitful result from it? Let us see that in the Guppedantha manasu serial next episode. 

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