Relia Card Scam


Heard about the relia card scam? Scams and fraudulent cases are increasing, and you have to be sure about everything before getting any bank card, and also you have to be very careful if you have that card already. When it comes to your bank account and money, you have to be very careful. The fraudulent people can rob all your savings.

We collect all crucial information about this United States-based card. This card is extensively popular among the mass generation—many people from the central bank start the card. We will disclose everything about the card, bank, scam cases, the process of scam, and people’s opinions on this case to clarify all your doubts.

What is a relia card? 

We are talking about the relia scam here in this article. The U.S. bank issues Relia’s card. This bank has been running successfully for the last thirty years—a large number of people are trusting this bank to deposit their money and save their money. Relia card is one of the best features of their banking services, allowing every user to deposit and withdraw their funds and cash. 

What is a relia card scam?


Many people are reporting a scam in the name of their company. A vast number of existing customers are complaining that the bank sent them a text that their account is disabled. To start their account again, click on the given link.

Some of them clicked on the link and filled in the required details, and then all their savings got withdrawn from their account. This is the work of some fraudulent company that gets all their data and starts texting their existing customers to rob them.

What is the process of these fraud cases?

The scam process of relia card scam is mentioned below:

  • Firstly an unknown number text you with the name of the respective bank.
  • They said that the account is totally frozen. 
  • Then, they say to renew your account, click on the given link and fill in the required details to complete the process.
  • Then click on the submit to end.

The entire text message is based on it.

How to identify the whole process of the scam texts?

There are many ways to identify the relia card scam. 

  • Carefully read the entire text. If you f8nd any grammatical error or spelling mistake, then it can be a scam.
  • A scam text is always a bit lengthy in size.
  • A scam text always includes a call of action in its text.

How to avoid such relia card scam text?

To avoid relia card scam text, you have to follow the mentioned steps carefully.

  • If you see any link, Don clicks on it and avoids it.
  • Report the number immediately and inform the bank about the whole matter.

What is the other process to fraud people?

Some scam people start sending fraudulent debit cards to existing customers. Read this segment to know more.

  • These fraudulent cards were mailed out, and money was deposited on many, according to Terry Savage, a personal finance expert and author tracking unemployment fraud across the U.S.
  • She says debit cards from banks that pay state benefits have been showing up unsolicited at homes all over the country. 
  • Savage says people who receive one without asking for it should assume an attempt is being made to collect in their name.
  • “If they sent you an unsolicited card and you call the 800 number to activate it, was that the key that allowed them to withdraw the money? It hasn’t been explained yet by the FBI. It’s a huge investigation,” said Savage.
  • Tower froze her credit, but she worries this may not be the end of her troubles.
  • According to Tower, her problem is that I’m worried about getting a tax bill at the end of the year. “And then what do I do at that point?”
  • Her concern is legitimate as unemployment compensation is taxable income and is reported to the IRS.
  • Savage says the full extent of the fraud may not be known until early next year, when unsuspecting fraud victims may see benefits they never received counted as earnings on their taxes.
  • She said, “I think it’s going to be a total disaster in January and February,” “The states report that the money went out to your name and social security number. How do you untangle that mess? That’s going to be next winter’s problem.”
  • In addition to the U.S. Bank, 25 Investigates also tried to get answers for Celia from the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance.
  • They recommend some essential steps for anyone who receives one of these cards.
  • First, don’t toss the card. You’ll want to call ReliaCard to cancel it and ask them which state issued the card. Then get in touch with that state’s unemployment agency.

What is the people’s reaction to this matter? 


Ordinary citizens are horrified by such cases.

John said, 

“This case shattered me. All my savings got withdrawn, and now the current status of my account is zero.


Lisa said, 

“A fraud debit card also reached at my house but I report it to bank and hand it over to them “


Here is a detailed summary of the entire matter. Hopefully, all scenarios are explicit in front of your eyes. Be aware of such fraud incidents and don’t click on any link.

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